Golf team’s drive for success on hold until next season

By Andrea Braver | Published: October 2010
The South Golf team, defending Dual County League (DCL) Champions, experienced a disappointing season, being unable to both defend the team's title as DCL Champion and qualify for the State tournament. Although the team had graduated a few strong athletes from last season, it should not have been the main source of adversity this season. Graduates Jesse Zorfas, Ray Heinrich, and Bobby Marulli were the three of the team's top competitors ...

Field Hockey scores off the field

By Benson Tai | Published: October 2010
The Newton South Field Hockey team participated in the 15th Annual Somerville Homeless Coalition 5K Race on October 2. The race raised money for the Somerville Homeless Coalition, a non-profit organization that works to prevent homelessness and help those affected by it in the Somerville area. The team's participation was proposed by Assistant Varsity Coach Jim Norton, who lives in Davis Square. “I thought it would be fun for ...

Football team attempts to tackle inexperience

By Daniel Kats | Published: September 2010
With only five starters returning from last year's squad, the Varsity Football team is trying grow and develop on the fly during the 2010 campaign. “The team we have is a really young team, senior and captain Jeffery Alkins said. “Plenty of the kids have never played Varsity Football or a certain position before. “I do believe all the kids are handling the new requirements and responsibilities asked of them well. I ...

Crossing the field

By Peter Natov | Published: September 2010
There is no doubt that there exist immense differences between level and competition of middle school sports compared with that of the high school level. As incoming freshmen participate in their respective sports, they come to see that they must make necessary changes to compete at the new level. In middle school, many athletes find that participating on sports team is mostly about enjoyment and do not understand what a full ...

School plus sports equals no sleep

By Maarten Van-Genabeek | Published: September 2010
Students who play sports at their schools are part of a select few known as student-athletes. Although people tend to group and stereotype athletes, they don't realize how hard it is to be one. Athletes have to work harder in school on a regular basis to compensate for the long hours lost competing at a high athletic level during both games and practices. The first and most pressing issue is the lack ...

Ageless Athletes: Joseph Scozzaro

By Ray Flint and Daniel Kats | Published: September 2010
Joseph “Scozzy Scozzaro has been teaching English at Newton South for eight years. He is known around school for his sarcastic sense of humor and for taking months to grade even the shortest assignments, but Scozzy is more than an English teacher. Scozzaro began coaching at South in 2004, first for the Boys' Baseball team at the freshmen level, and now currently for the Girls' Freshman Basketball team. While many students ...

High elements, high stakes

By Maarten Van-Genabeek | Published: September 2010
Next to the practice turf field at Newton South, a new High Elements course was installed as a part of a new initiative called Project Adventure. In order to fund the new course, the Wellness department had to apply for a Carol A. White Physical Education Program (PEP) grant, a special type of federal grant that is awarded for physical education expandment. “These grants are very hard to receive, you ...

What makes a sport a sport?

By Noah Rivkin | Published: September 2010
Entertainment and Sports Programming Network (ESPN) aires a wide spectrum of events each day. NASCAR, poker, and dog shows populate the channel regularly. ESPN is notorious for its sports, so why are the aforementioned competitions on display? There exists a gray area in the world of athletics when distinguishing between sport and not sport. South has a wide variety of teams that recieve Varsity letters. Some teams find themselves underappreciated; a few ...

An athlete’s dream realized: weight lifting course

By Josh Carney | Published: September 2010
A new wellness offering at Newton South is Personal Fitness class, which is allowing student-athletes to prepare for their sport during their respective seasons and offseasons. The two Wellness instructors teaching the course are longtime staff members Alan Rotatori and Todd Elwell. According to the 2010-2011 Program of Studies the Personal Fitness class description reads: “Learn to work YOUR body – a class for everyone and every fitness level. With your specific ...

Denebola Athlete of the Year: Ally Leipzig

By Daniel Kats | Published: June 2010
Few people can successfully play three high school Varsity sports while having a positive effect on all of them. During her Newton South career, Ally Leipzig made a name for herself on the Varsity Girls' Volleyball, Girls' Basketball, and Girls' Lacrosse teams.

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