Track team places at Nationals

By Joe Maher | Published: March 2011
From March 11 to March 13, South sent a total of nine athletes to the New Balance Indoor Nationals in New York. The track and field event brought top competitors from all over the country, among whom were South athletes.

Ageless Athletes: Kara Henry

By Nathan Baskin | Published: March 2011
Kara Henry is not a stereotypical “History” teacher. Many students who have her enjoy her class, as her enthusiatic and imagintive teaching style attracts many seniors each year.

Fan bus paid in full

By Maarten Van-Genabeek | Published: March 2011
For the fourth round of the Girls’ Basketball Division I State tournament fans, who braved the 45 minute journey to Massoit Community College to watch the Lions were in for a surprise. A generous donation by the team allowed roughly 150 student fans to enter the game free of charge. This provided an incentive for more fans to show up, as more than 200 South students arrived to show their support. “It was great that so many of us were able to come there and show support,” senior Colby Medoff said, “The energy was great, we outnumbered their fans.

Freshmen join Varsity squads, prove their skill

By Josh Carney | Published: December 2010
On the court, freshman Phil Levine-Caleb's six-foot-three, 174-pound frame indicates much more than his 15-year-old age. Levine-Caleb is South's most recent freshman success story, recording a game-high 15 points and eight rebounds against Wayland last week. Levine-Caleb is not the only freshman to find success donning Varsity blue and orange; in fact, many young athletes have reaped rookie rewards on the fields, rinks, and courts. Deciding which freshmen are ready to ...

Green cards late, athletes suffer

By Robert Wang | Published: December 2010
During this winter season, the number of green cards turned in by athletes decreased dramatically from past seasons. According to Athletic Director Scott Perrin, 55 percent of the green cards and physicals were turned in on time compared to the 70-75 percent that are usually turned in by the deadline. “Kids are very eager to start up and run captains' practices, to lift weights, and get the team together, but that detail ...

Boys’ Gymnastics team gains members, spirit

By Zach Pawa | Published: December 2010
For years a one-man team, the Newton South Boys' Gymnastics team has added seven new members to its program. The flipping, spinning, and soaring attracted students of all grades to join this seemingly impossible sport this season. Last year, the team only had one member; however, this year the team's roster ballooned to eight athletes. “It was a one-man team. I was obligated to keep it alive, senior and Captain Carlos ...

The great log toss

By Kaleb Alperin and Max Levine | Published: December 2010
Hola amigos! Je m'appelle Français! This is probably not a good idea, but we chose a sport in which you must dawn kilt in the midst of November. Back from our recent trip to Scotland, we found a new impressive sport that only the manliest of the men pursue. The sport of caber tossing originated in the highlands of Scotland in 1574. The sport requires that one Scotsman toss a 19'6 tall, 175-pound ...

Ageless Athletes: Steven McChesney

By Ray Flint | Published: December 2010
South's Girls' Cross Country and Track and Field coach, Steven McChesney, is more than just a coach; he is a world-class athlete. He has not only been nationally recognized for his accomplishments as a coach, but he has also been recognized internationally for setting world records as a competitive runner. McChesney comes from a family of runners; all three of his brothers were All-Americans who won National titles in college, and ...

Clash of the lions: Seniors

By Maarten Van-Genabeek | Published: November 2010
As senior year passes by, people start to forget how much work they have applying to colleges. At about this time, the light at the end of the tunnel is in sight. There is nothing more satisfying than reminding the grade below us that we in fact rule the school. We can finally taste the victory that was so wrongly taken from us last year. I am of course talking about juniors ...

Clash of the lions: Juniors

By Dan Frechter | Published: November 2010
I would like to take a moment to urge the seniors to ask for as much help as they can get, because I assure you today will be anything but “double the fun. This year, thanks to an extremely lame class slogan, hideous class apparel, and uneventful weekends, the senior class should just be grateful to (fina11y) be one quarter of the way through their sad excuse for a senior ...

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