School spirit suddenly surfaces

By Rutul Patel | Published: April 2011
On Wednesday, April 13, South pride was not just evident, but it was palpable. The students donned more than just the mundane jeans and t-shirts; they sported the Lions’ blue and orange.

Athletic fees skyrocket-as much as 95 percent increase

By Noah Rivkin | Published: April 2011
As a result of the slumping American economy, schools across the country have been forced to make deep budget cuts and hike fees. South is no exception. South athletes will have to pay an increased fee in order to compete in next year’s sports seasons. High school athletics fees are slated to rise from $210 to $300 per sport with a $900 family cap. Some sports, like hockey, will also rise from $260 to $400 and football will see a 95 percent increase from $210 to $400.

Running shoes crucial for athletes

By Josh Carney | Published: April 2011
An Olympic runner fitting running shoes sounds unrealistic. Yet Mike Roche is the owner of Boston Running Company in Newton Centre, and has been designing shoes for 25 years. He is a former Olympic runner as well.

Shot put hopeful for season

By Nathan Baskin | Published: April 2011
Seniors Brandon Caldwell and Alex Karys have been throwing shot put since last year and have enjoyed playing the sport.

Ageless Athletes: Matthew Anderson

By Nathan Baskin | Published: April 2011
When he was 15 years old, he could dunk: on a full-size basketball hoop When he was at the University of Massachusetts/Amherst he played under legendary National Collegiate Athletic Association coach John Calipari.

Jumpers support themselves

By Daniel Kats | Published: April 2011
Most successful teams have one thing in common: a strong fanbase. South’s track team, however, finds success on the field without much support from the bleachers.

Athletes’ injuries possibly preventable

By Josh Carney | Published: April 2011
Injuries of all kinds have affected student athletes at South throughout this academic year.

Paw-Aful and Springy for Spring

By Zach Pawa | Published: April 2011
The spring season has arrived. For some, sports become another item to add to their already full plate of schoolwork, extracurricular, SAT tutoring, and some form of instrumental practice. For others, they become a sense of organization and relief.

Basketball milestones passed in never-before-seen way

By Mike Berman | Published: March 2011
The Newton South Girls’ Varsity Basketball team has witnessed history with an “H” as seniors Sophie Bikofsky and Kendall Burton each reached the 1,000 point career milestone in the same season, and also in the same game. In that one night, the number of South girls to have reached that milestone doubled, from two to four.

Lions win DCL, go far in tournament

By Erik Manditch | Published: March 2011
The Newton South Girls’ Varsity Basketball team had a season rarely seen at any level in any sport. They did not just compile a good record, the Lions also achieved something they never have before: they won the Dual County League (DCL). Their overall record was 21-2, including a 19-0 start to the regular season, and a 16-0 record in the DCL.

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