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Countering Stereotypes: Russia

By Daniel Rozenblum | Published: October 2010
As with all nationalities, there are plenty of stereotypes and misconceptions circling around 'Ëœbout us Russians. Fortunately for you, I have decided to take out the old MythBusters toolkit and separate what's true from what's false using examples from my very own Russian-background life. For starters, I'm not a Communist. I don't have one of those life-sized Fathead sports posters of Stalin hanging up in my dining room, and my ...

Jones sparks fury

By Gil Avramovich | Published: September 2010
Pastor Terry Jones and his Gainesville parish gained worldwide notoriety by declaring their intention to burn Qu'rans in commemoration of September 11. While people across the country were planning moments of silence to remember the 2,752 people who died on that tragic day, the parish of Gainesville, Florida was prepared to angrily protest by desecrating the holy book of Islam. Pastor Jones was inspired by the Halloween, 2009 burning of Bibles and ...

There’s no place like home?

By Laura Haime | Published: September 2010
Dorothy says that if you click your heels three times and declare “there's no place like home, you can just close your eyes and wait for a mysterious force to take you where you belong. I wouldn't be surprised if, after clicking my heels and uttering the five defining words, I found myself on an airplane hanging mid-air above the Gulf of Mexico between the two places that share my past, ...

New students from Ghana experience South

By Justin Quinn | Published: September 2010
Imagine moving across the world, continent to continent, and arriving at Newton South High School. What expectations would you have?  How different would it be? Cousins Bernard and Patrick Kufour found out as they started school at South this year after moving from Ghana. THis fall, the two seniors entered South, the first time they attended an American school. Bernard moved from Kumasi, a quiet residential area and a comfortable place to live. Patrick ...

Countering Stereotypes: India

By Rutul Patel | Published: September 2010
Thank you come again. The same picture comes to everyone's mind as they read that phrase; Apu Nahasapeemapetilon from the Simpsons wokring at the cash register at the Kwik-E-Mart  selling gum for five dollars a pack. And why shouldn't you have that image in your head? Next to Mahatma Ghandi, Apu is the most famous Indian we have. If anything, that chubby, chocolate colored man is a national treasure. That is the perspective ...

Student travels to Tanzania

By Lena Warnke | Published: September 2010
The view from the plane as we flew over Tanzania and descended into Dar es Salaam was both amazing and intimidating at the same time. The houses, countryside, and vegetation were like nothing we had ever seen before, and our excitement increased every foot that we got closer to the ground. Athuman, a teacher at Kwala Secondary School, where we were to be spending most of our time, and Patience, the ...

British counselor finds friends at American camp

By Alissa Sage | Published: September 2010
This summer, I worked as a camp counselor at an overnight camp that I have been going to for nine years. As a first year counselor, I was worried about who I would be working with. In the beginning, we all stood in a circle and received a single earring. We were then instructed that whoever had the match to our missing half is our co counselor. My nerves were calmed; I was quite ...

Commonwealth Games tension

By Connie Gong | Published: September 2010
Everyone's heard of the Olympics. But the Commonwealth Games, an international, multi-sport event, get far less media coverage in the United States. Like the Olympics, the Commonwealth Games are held every four years, with a rotating host nation. However, participant nations must be part of the Commonwealth of Nations, a federation of countries that were formerly British colonies. By all accounts, the United States should be a participant in these games. Nearly ...

Student-run language center

By Daniel Fuchs | Published: September 2010
In almost any subject at South, you can find some sort of tutor or service, whether it's in the Writing Center or Science Center. One subject that has been sorely without this kind of extra help, however, is world language. That is, until now. This year, room 6154 will now be open as a Language Center, a new resource for students. “It's student tutoring, hopefully in all blocks, senior and founder of ...

Post-stamps from around the world

By Alex Ketabi, Alice Lee, Joseph Busaba and Ashan Singh | Published: June 2010
As indicated, this stamp celebrates the birth century of Mohammad Mossadegh, one of the most prolific, yet relatively unknown figures of 20th century. He was democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran in 1951, on the platform that he would nationalize the Iranian oil industry. Since oil was discovered in Iran in 1908, the British government chartered the Anglo Iranian Oil Company (currently BP) to monopolize the entire industry, giving only a minuscule percentage of the profits back to the Iranian people. Mossadegh declared that the British have no place seizing Iran's natural resources while neglecting its people, and thus ousted the Anglo Iranian Oil Company. This prompted the British to get the Americans, predominantly the CIA, involved. In 1953, the CIA led a coup d'état against Mossadegh, inserting the young Shah (king) of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, as the absolute leader of Iran, in turn for his allowing Iran and Britain access to Iran's oil. Over the next quarter century, the Shah led a despotic regime and was viewed by the Iranian people as a puppet of the West, leading to the Islamic Revolution of 1979 that established the tyrannical theocracy in place today. Many view the American-led overthrow of Mossadegh as a catalyst to the rise of Anti Western sentiment and Islamic Fundamentalism in the Middle East. -Alex Ketabi

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