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Hypnotized by a culture… mostly because of its women

By Shervin Rezaei | Published: November 2010
As some of my fellow peers may have noticed, on Thursdays after school I can be caught practicing the Korean martial art of Taekwondo. Dressed in the traditional white dobok uniform, you can spot me sweating and wheezing and hopelessly trying to imitate my black belt superiors. Many people have asked me over the years: “Why did you start practicing Taekwondo? Although that's a very appropriate question to ask, the answer is ...

Tea Party gains influence after midterm elections

By Justin Kieran | Published: November 2010
These past midterm elections have had an enormous impact on our nation as well as on Massachusetts. Lessons were learned and promises were made as democrats from all over the nation-- aside from Massachusetts that is-- were attacked by a tidal wave of Republicans and Tea Partiers.  Notable Tea Party and Repbulican victories included Representative Mark Rubio in Florida, Senator Rand Paul in Kentucky, Senator Jim DeMint in South Carolina, and ...

South speaks: French

By Joseph Busaba | Published: October 2010
Choosing French as my second language was a simple choice. My sister had already chosen French and I figured she could help me with homework if I ever needed it. I also felt like French was the right choice because I often spend my summers with my family in Lebanon, a country with strong French influence. After World War I, Lebanon became a French mandate. During this time, French culture left an imprint ...

South speaks: Chinese

By Alexandra Fen | Published: October 2010
For many years, my mother pressured me to take a Chinese language course at South. I've taken French since middle school and I wasn't particularly interested in adding yet another language to my already demanding course load. Moreover, I really didn't want to satisfy my mother's pleas. Then, summer of my sophomore year I went to China. Conversing with my relatives who didn't speak Chinese was ...

South speaks: Spanish

By Amanda Sands | Published: October 2010
You're in an obscure rural village in Uruguay. It's cien degrees in the shade. You wish that tuvieras algo para comer y beber. No tienes ni efectivo ni una tarjeta de crédito, y necesitas agua y/o comida inmediatamente porque no te quieres morir. This becomes problematic for two reasons. First: nobody in Obscureville, Uruguay speaks English. Second: you don't speak Spanish. Thankfully, I anticipated this very situation when I ...

South speaks: Latin

By Alissa Sage | Published: October 2010
My most meaningful academic experience in high school was taking Latin to fill my “world language requirement. Freshman year I took both Spanish and Latin, but after freshman year I decided to drop Spanish and gear my focus towards Latin. My friends used to mock me for taking Latin, laying claim that learning a “dead language was pointless, a sentiment to which I politely disagree. For me, taking Latin was about so ...

U.S. issues alert for travelers

By Daniel Fuchs | Published: October 2010
The State Department sent out an alert in early October for American tourists planning to travel to Western European countries such as Britain and France. Britain's Tourism Department did the same, raising its own terror watch level for citizens and tourists traveling to France and Germany. Both European and American government agencies have reason to believe an attack from terrorists in Pakistan or Northern Africa is being planned after a ...

Global Focus: Idun Klakegg

By Connie Gong | Published: October 2010
According to Klakegg, nationality has always been a large influence in her life. “Separating myself from my nationality is almost impossible, so pinpointing a specific way being Norwegian contributes to my life is difficult, Klakegg said, when asked about the impact of her background. Klakegg's American mother and Norwegian father met in Norway after college. She was born in Oslo and moved to the United States at the age ...

Ni hao, Newton South

By Michelle Dearolf | Published: October 2010
Have you noticed the students wearing blue jumpsuits walking down the hallways lately? It's not a new fashion trend that you were unaware of; the Chinese exchange students are here! They arrived on September 26, excited, but tired after two long flights. Since then, their schedules have been busy: they've already gone to New York, visited many colleges, spent a weekend on an island, and participated in other daily “American ...

Changes in North Korea

By Shervin Rezaei | Published: October 2010
For the first time in the history of North Korea, North Korean state television has revealed footage of current leader Kim Jong-il with his youngest son Kim Jong-un. Kim Jong-un, presumed heir to Kim Jong-il, was unexpectedly elevated to senior leadership positions only a few months ago, and recently appeared in public with his father at the 65th anniversary of the Worker's Party. He sat with his father and watched ...

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