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No, we didn’t light it, but we’re trying to fight it

By Dina Busaba | Published: December 2010
Israel experienced its largest fire in national history on Thursday, December 2. The flames vigorously burned Mount Carmel, near Haifa, spreading over 10,000 acres of land. Haifa- Israel's third largest city- was deeply affected by the blaze. The fire was under control by the following Monday, with firefighters containing the few remaining blazes. An upwards of 17,000 people were evacuated from nearby shelters. They were put into ...

Shervin’s world

By Shervin Rezaei | Published: December 2010
Hey ya'll. I'm back. I don't know about the rest of you students and faculty, but all of the stress of school makes me want to take a vacation soon, or even better, now. Thankfully, it's arriving faster than I thought it would, but unfortunately, I've forgotten to make plans! I need to move somewhere for vacation too, some sort of fantastical land of escape or relaxation or culture. Fortunately, though, I've ...

Egyptian elections criticized

By Noa Shneorson | Published: December 2010
Egypt recently held its first round of parliamentary elections on Sunday November 28. Entering this year's election was President Hosni Mubarak's governing party, The National Democratic Party (NPD), along with its greatest opposition the Muslim Brotherhood. The recent elections are predicted to result in a 518-seat parliament consisting of mostly NDP candidates, with few seats going to independents in other parties. The NDP's biggest threat in the elections, the Brotherhood, is ...

Tension between the Koreas

By Daoxu Ye and Laura Haime | Published: December 2010
While South Korean troops practiced drills by the water near North Korea, the neighboring country fired several artillery shells on Thursday, November 11th. In recent years the tension between North and South Korea has been escalating at a rapid pace. Before the most recent incident between them , North Korea sent a warning stating that “it would not tolerate firing in what is regarded as its territorial waters. South Korea proceeded ...

Latino Student Union brings culture to South

By Daniel Fuchs | Published: December 2010
Throughout Newton South's history, student unions such as the Jewish Student Union, the Asian Student Organization, Gay/Straight Alliance, and Black Student Union, have spread cultural awareness, organizing events and activities to not only connect members of their own communities but to inform other students about their interesting cultures and lifestyles. The Latino Student Union (LSU), which began last year, now joins this group. Much like other student unions and cultural groups, the ...

Countering Stereotypes: Albania

By Lorena Murati | Published: December 2010
When Americans hear about Albania they don't really know where it is located, what language we speak or anything about our culture. Americans don't even stereotype Albanians, because they don't know of any stereotypes. But here's a description of some false stereotypes: First, we are not communists. We were once associated with Russia, but since 1991 we've become a democratic state. There's freedom of press, speech, political thought just like in every ...

Japanese Club

By Justin Kieran | Published: November 2010
Over the years, the South community has certainly shown that multiculturalism is a growing and important facet of the school. From the flags in the Student Center, to the foreign exchange students from all corners of the globe, South has made a tremendous effort to diversify. Yet with all of this focus on learning about other cultures, many students have taken the time to connect to their own roots. The South community ...

MSF; perks of globalization

By Connie Gong | Published: November 2010
Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international, humanitarian organization that provides medical care and other aid to people struggling for survival. MSF operates in nearly 60 war torn regions and developing countries, where armed conflict, malnutrition, epidemics, natural disaster, or poverty prevents inhabitants from obtaining health care. Established in 1971 by a group of French doctors and journalists, MSF was created to respond to the Biafra Secession. The southeastern providences ...

Chinese teacher experiences nation’s past

By Daniel Fuchs | Published: November 2010
China has had a tumultuous history in the past 65 years or so, experiencing massive changes in nearly every aspect of its culture and structure. Lijian Zhao, Chinese teacher and Technical Assistant at South, has seen much of it happen. Zhao, who lived in China from 1945 until her departure to America in 1991, remembers very little about her early childhood, which occured during China's involvement in World War II. “I ...

Countering Stereotypes: Germany

By Louisa Warnke | Published: November 2010
Black Forest cake is advertised with Schloss Neuschwanstein on its box. How wrong can you get? Schloss Neuschwanstein, a castle in Bavaria, isn't even close to the Black Forest. All Germans eat Sauerkraut. Incorrect. Germans drink a lot of beer. Incorrect. As with every country, there are so many stereotypes associated with Germany. Yes, I do have to disappoint you: most of the stereotypes are incorrect. Throughout my life, I have ...

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