It’s a wrap for school lunches

By Jake Palmer | Published: March 2009
Lunchtime. Students line up for wraps, the specials are going fast, but the cluster of vegetarians around the salad bar do not look happy. There are a number of students at South who are concerned that there is a lack of adequate vegetarian options provided for them.

Meat-free diet for environmental responsibility

By Jaime Rinaldi | Published: March 2009
It's no secret that global warming and climate change pose one of the gravest existing threats to our future as a species. Most of us realize that we need to change our habits to lessen our impact on the environment. In most cases, we do what we can; turn off the lights when we exit a room, bike instead of drive, carry our plastic containers home instead of throwing them in the school trash bins. However, the larger solutions are a bit more obscure. Most of us would gladly drive a hybrid vehicle, but few of us have the money to buy a brand new car. Installing solar panels for your house is attractive, but simply too cost prohibitive. Many of us would be up for the Herculean task of embracing alternative energy sources and ending our dependency on foreign oil, a goal clearly outlined by the new administration, but the question remains, where do we even start?

That’s a wrap for charity

By Gabriel Schneider | Published: December 2008
Among many fufilling aspects assosiated with the holiday season, is the opportunity for people to help out in their communities. Despite the excitement created by Santa's presents, the season heightens the awareness people have towards the less fortunate.

Decorations melt chilly hearts

By Shakti Nochur | Published: December 2008
Let me preface this by saying that I'm not from a family full of Christmas fanatics. I will not celebrate Christmas this year with presents under a tree and carols playing in the background as cookies bake in the oven. Nothing against such people (I'm a huge fan of the cheer), but that's not me nor is it my family.


By Denebola | Published: December 2008
By Mike Zissman People might assume, given my religion, that I have spent these past few weeks buying eight Chanukah gifts for everyone in my family. They would be right.

The Christamas Tree: A National Icon?

By Denebola | Published: December 2008
By Pillar Quezzaire Growing up, I was always amazed by the lights and ornaments as my family put up the Christmas tree. I was most enamored by receiving my annual ornament that contributed to the menagerie of decorations my mother collected. Christmas in my house was a rather prodigious affair, a very important part of the year, and in general, a very enjoyable time.

Holiday food for the soul

By Denebola | Published: December 2008
By Jessica Duff I personally adore food: both making it and consuming it. I know that some people do not enjoy cooking, either because they're too lazy or just inept, but everyone has to admit that at least once every year they enjoy eating good food. That's one of the reasons why I love December.

Learning vs. Grades

By Jake Palmer | Published: November 2008
Many South students feel that grades take the “fun out of learning. They argue that grades create a stressful, competitive atmosphere in which getting a high score becomes more important than learning the material, making school less about learning and more about getting the right score.

E for Effort

By Gabriel Schneider | Published: November 2008
Often in school, students feel that their efforts supercede the grading system completely. After striving to participate in that boring class, or after finding a compelling thesis for your paper; after taking extensive outlines on readings or after finally understanding that abstract concept, what do you get? A grade point average.

Grade Inflation

By Denebola | Published: November 2008
By Sidrah Baloch “So, I just FAILED that test. If the number of failed tests at Newton South were equivalent to the number of times this sentence is heard in hallways and classrooms throughout the school, then we would have an educational crisis on our hands. Hundreds of us would be at risk of not graduating, summer school classes would be over-enrolled with students trying to compensate for their unsuccessful school years, and Newton South High School would definitely not be the sixth most academically successful public school in Massachusetts.

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