Going to Gogh

By Denebola | Published: September 2010
A major part of the Prague Spring Program involves spending a day in the famous city of Amsterdam, Netherlands. Despite being jet-lagged and coming straight off of a red-eye, our group managed to scuttle around the city to profit. Among our many adventures in Amsterdam, we were required to go to the Van Gogh Museum by our  co-director, Mr. White. Although we had no choice in the matter, the Van Gogh ...

A Day Through a City of Ghosts

By Denebola | Published: September 2010
Trains are definitely my preferred mode of transportation; you don't have to fly thousands of feet above the ground, and you don't have to worry about sinking. The train ride from Prague to Berlin was the longest I have ever taken, a whopping four hours of iPod-listening, charade-playing, and This I Believe II-reading. Arriving in Berlin, was the obvious highlight. For me, it carried a sense of homecoming. I am of ...

The Winding Paths of Prague

By Marina Afonkina | Published: September 2010
Tiredly anticipating the long-awaited arrival, 17 exhausted students and two teachers stepped off the plane into Prague. The historical yet majestic city of Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic, formally known as Czechoslovakia. The ride to Hotel Arbus consisted of winding roads and steep hills on which castles stood, with the Vltava  River twisting through. Prague's monuments and architecture, displaying the history of the once united kingdoms of ...

Fair Grading

By Amanda Sands | Published: June 2010
How do teachers maintain fair grades? Each one has a different technique or system of doing so, which includes number systems, grading tests page-by-page, or disregarding the student's name entirely. Here, teachers explain their methods and their reasons behind them.

Student Obsessions

By Brittany Bishop, Justin Quinn, Gabe Feldstein, Leigh Alon and Liza Barnes | Published: June 2010
In a sea of students, a world of obsessions swirl through the minds of those walking down the halls. Everyone thinks of something different, from a specific boy to their favorite pasttime. Here, we'll dive into the minds of a few students and their favorite obsessions.

Where is my vote?

By Daniel Fuchs and Laura Haime | Published: June 2010
Corruption; fraud; disappointment. A cold wind has swept through the world this last year, a result of the malicious desires of very powerful figures. Voting booths in countries around the world- such as Iran, Britain, Honduras and Iraq- were rigged, tweaked, and declared invalid. Politicians have abused their relationship with their country's citizens. Thousands upon thousands have been deprived of a meaningful vote in their elections- of their voice being represented in the government. In the United States, people demand “Vote or Die. Outside of this country's privileged boundaries, people are willing to die to make their votes count.


By Brittany Bishop | Published: May 2010
Natural disasters have occurred since the beginning of time, but with an increase in incidents and a growth in deaths as the years continue, environmental awareness and 2012 prophecy concerns have increased. In 2010 alone, the world endured over 30 natural disasters, from earthquakes and volcanoes to floods and mudslides.


By Andrea Braver | Published: May 2010
You should probably quit spending your Saturday nights studying for that illustrious AP. It would behoove you to give up on everything you have ever wanted. In fact, you might as well speed up the inevitable process of your demise and kill yourself now.

Community Service Reaps Rewards

By Brittany Bishop | Published: April 2010
Community service: colleges would like to see it on your application. Whatever it is'€volunteering at a soup kitchen, doing work for a charity'€admissions offices love to see students giving back to their communities.

Religions Ringing To Help

By Amelia Cochin | Published: April 2010
A person usually identifies with a certain religion because he or she feels connected with that religion's beliefs. Most religious groups participate in volunteer activities or service. Even religions with   views may share a common tie with community service.

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