By Craig Fujita | Published: April 2011
Editor’s Note: This article was based on a conversation with Mr Fujita, a former at Brookline High student and currently a local  Apple Store trainer.


By Melanie Erspamer | Published: April 2011
Down a long, winding road, a bleak building squats on the edge of the ocean.

DENEBOLA sat down with Three-Mile Island survivor Sue Welchs

By Melanie Erspamer | Published: April 2011
Denebola: How is it you were in the area of the Three Mile Island nuclear reactor?

Out of Africa

By Melanie Erspamer | Published: March 2011
On the West coast of South Africa, the city of Durban lies on the edge of the Indian Ocean.

Caffeine Compulsion

By Kirby Howell and David Melly | Published: December 2010
You know you are addicted when you have perfected the art of getting to and from Starbucks during one homeroom period, you have gone to Dunkin' Donuts twice in one long block, or Danielle from Coffee Corner knows your order and your name. Our friendship is largely based on and supported by our mutual need for caffeine. We have spent many a morning downing endless refills of Baker's Best coffee and ...

The Tyranny of Technology

By Leigh Alon | Published: December 2010
As I look down at my neurobiology notes about Attention Deficit Disorder medication, it is ironic that my own brain cannot focus on the task at hand. Every few seconds my computer emits the popping noise with which every teenager is undoubtedly familiar, and a red icon appears alerting me I have received a new Facebook chat. It should be easy enough to close the computer or ignore the new ...

Why We’re Addicts

By Brittany Bishop and Amanda Sands | Published: December 2010
Almost everyone has a compulsion. Whether it's obsessive cleaning, nail-biting, or even chewing gum, compulsions are a natural aspect of human life. While many urges result from harmful and chemically addicting drugs, an ever-growing epidemic of psychophysical '€and sometimes unnoticeable'€compulsive disorders exist in everyday life. While observing a compulsion, one must look at both the emotional connection to the act and any sections of the brain that are unusually abnormal ...

Technology at its worst

By Amanda Sands | Published: October 2010
While we were all enjoying our Wednesday two weeks ago, perhaps sitting through long-block math or realizing there were actually three classes left instead of two, 18-year-old Tyler Clementi jumped off the George Washington Bridge into the Hudson River and died.

New bits and bytes for South computers

By Dayun Keum | Published: October 2010
In an effort to foster 21st century skills and ensure that students have access to adequate technology resources, the Information Technology (IT) Department worked on a significant technology upgrade over the summer. This upgrade resulted, in part, from a greater discussion about equity between North and South, given the wide range of resources that North will enjoy because of new construction funding. In particular, administrators noted that North received a number ...

Tech Ed reboots

By Aspa Akylas | Published: October 2010
Until the beginning of this year, Newton South students enrolled in career and tech ed classes relied on bulky, prehistoric computers from 1999 running on Windows 98 for their projects. In November, a fresh batch of computers will be set up and ready for student use. Say goodbye to old, overweight computers and floppy disks. As technology and engineering electives do not appear the most popular at Newton South, students in ...

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