Trend pierces fashion frontrunners

By Jen Maxwell | Published: October 2010
Students looking to change their appearance in a fun, yet not too drastic way have taken to setting a new trend: getting a nose ring. How have these students, and their usually less-than-thrilled parents, adjusted to their new bejeweled noses? Many, including senior Sydney Morin, love having a pierced nose and have no regrets about their decision. “I love the way it looks, and I had wanted one for a really ...

New England’s fall pastimes

By Liana Butchard | Published: October 2010
What else could brisk weather and leaves changing color mean but the return of fall? Now officially about a month into fall, we must let go of summer thoughts and focus instead on exciting fall activities. Having to pull out a coat to bundle up in the biting wind isn't necessarily ideal, but there are many fun seasonal activities to take advantage of. Be it apple picking, raking leaves, ...

Seasons Club offers opportunity to embrace great outdoors

By Sammie Levin | Published: October 2010
New Englanders have the benefit of distinctly experiencing all four seasons. Leaves change colors and fall from the trees, snowflakes powder branches and coat the ground, flowers bloom, and temperatures change day to day. To ensure that South students take the time to notice and appreciate these changes, senior Martha Schnee has founded a club devoted to celebrating all that each season has to offer. “Last year in my math ...

My day on Capitol Hill

By Amanda Sands | Published: October 2010
At 6:30 AM on the morning of September 22, I was on a plane with my dad and sister headed to Washington DC. Around breakfast time, we were greeted by representatives from a Seattle-based law firm and we all walked up D Street to the Capitol Building. After stopping for a quick photo, we went across the street to the Rayburn House Office Building. We all filed through a long security ...

News analysis: voter participation to determine governor race

By Justin Kieran | Published: October 2010
As the November midterm elections draw near, residents not just of Massachusetts, but all over the United States await with bated breath to see whether or not President Obama and the Democrats will be able to hold onto their majority in the House of Representatives as well as in the Senate. But after the surprising turn of events in last year's race for a senate seat formally held by Ted ...

Kirtan singers unite for Somerville event

By Justin Quinn | Published: October 2010
Three of the biggest names in kirtan joined forces for the Om Trinity Fall Estatic Chant at the Somerville Center for the Arts on October 23. Donna De Lory, Girish, and David Newman (aka Durga Durga Das), all distinguished kirtan singers, performed throughout the six-hour event. Events similar to this occur frequently in places like California where there are numerous yoga and chanting festivals throughout the year, yet in ...
Francesa “Franzi Helms of Berlin Germany, high school newspaper enthusiast and Bremen University bound student, is just one of the many people who graciously volunteered their knowledge of Europe and their time to help make this year's annual Prague program (since 1990) a success. Helms was a member of her high school's newspaper magazine since before her freshman year through her senior year, and she eventually held the ...

Wise Project: still up in the air

By Liam Friar | Published: October 2010
Although he refused to comment in person, fellow Senior and extreme sports enthusiast James “the flying squirrel Stephanopoulos confirmed via late night tweet that he will be going ahead with his Wise project as planned. In the series of one word tweets that followed, he also stated that if the school administration will not accept the proposed Wise project, he is confident that it will not be rejected as a ...

View from the Top: Satchel Forrester, Gabe Goodman, Zach Levine-Caleb, and Pat Walsh

By Satchel Forrester, Gabe Goodman, Zach Levine-Caleb and Pat Walsh | Published: September 2010
NEWTON SOUTH HIGH SCHOOL THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 23 -10:40 AM Four seniors stand akimbo atop senior rock; nude. A flock of freshman scurry by like gazelle on the vast African plane. Little do they know¦.

The trend: Silly Bandz

By Liana Butchard | Published: September 2010
From Uggs to Webkinz, it seems that there is always a new fad. The latest fad that has become increasingly popular since this summer are Silly Bandz, colorful rubber bands in all different shapes that are worn around the wrist. They are sold in packs based on the theme of the shapes, such as food, animals, letters, and more. “I think that they are awesome, Williams fifth grader Nora Greeley said. ...

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