South teen Camille Brugnara breaks free from depression

By Rutul Patel | Published: April 2011
With the help of the Guidance Department head Shelly Borg and Goldrick Housemaster Henry Turner, South teen Camille Brugnara screened the film Breaking Free From Depression on April 5 2011 as a part of the Just Think Teens Making Smart Choices Expo.

One too many could shatter the glass house: the honors debacle

By Liana Butchard and Jessie Feldstein | Published: April 2011
By Liana Butchard and Jesse Feldstein

A growing flair for facial hair beyond compare in South

By Courtney Foster | Published: April 2011
By Courtney Foster What do Abe Lincoln, Santa Claus, and Conan O’Brien all have in common? Check their faces.

View from the Top: Sam Dorfman

By Denebola | Published: April 2011
You know it’s “Guys’ Night” when it’s the night of Sophomore Sleepover… so here we are with this school year’s View From The Top. Now, first off, let’s get things straight – age is just a number. Laugh all you want guys, but if it’s one thing Dorf got right, it’s go young or go home.

Hiding behind the screen

By Wendy Ma | Published: April 2011
Ever-accelerating technological advances have made websites such as Facebook, MySpace, Formspring, and Twitter increasingly accessible. However, only a few people claim to partake in all of these hip online networking experiences.

Faculty Focus: Christopher Bender

By Josh Nislick | Published: April 2011
Fifteen years ago, you could see him entertaining fans on the basketball court.

View from the Top: Jeff Hurray, Colby Medoff, Adam Sachs, and Maarten van Genabeek

By Jeff Hurray, Colby Medoff, Adam Sachs and Maarten Van-Genabeek | Published: March 2011
Underclassmen: We feel the best way to give you advice on your journey through South is to share a recent diary entry of ours. Dear Diary, Haa y’dah? It’s been a long time since we last talked. The past week sure was action packed. There was so much action! To our knowledge, it has been a South senior pastime to act out Lord of the Rings scenes. So, we were reenacting the siege ...

BBM Me: BlackBerries at South

By Justin Quinn | Published: March 2011
When senior Rebecca Shait received a BlackBerry for Chanukah, she cried. This outburst of joy was followed by a series of screams and subsequent phone calls to friends, who picked up their BlackBerries and shared the excitement.

Winter doldrums clinically classified as disorder

By Josh Nislick | Published: March 2011
As the color green becomes increasingly evident across Newton lawns, South students joyfully say farewell to a long, cold winter.

Faculty Focus: Jack Rossini

By Courtney Foster | Published: March 2011
Throughout the course of the past half century, students created dynamic artwork and belted harmonious numbers within South’s walls.

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