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This I Believe II: Promotes a better community at South

By Alexandra Fen | Published: June 2010
This I Believe II has recently been assigned by the English Department as the 2010 summer reading book.  Now come June 21st, don't all go running out of school to New England Mobile Book Fair to buy the first few copies that hit the shelves.  The bland cover image is equally enthralling as the book's subtitle: “More Personal Philosophies of Remarkable Men and Women.  

2010: A Dad’s Odyssey

By Jeff Hurray and Adam Sachs | Published: June 2010
Yola! Although our last article didn't make the cut, we've come back with more refinement and class (NO SPHINCTERS!). Summers coming!

Post-AP nothingness thankfully proves to be a myth

By Andrea Braver | Published: June 2010
For many, once the middle of May passes, everything “becomes a joke. After all, for those who load themselves with Advanced Placement courses, after taking those AP exams, they feel as though there isn't anything of importance left to learn in those classes. This is just incorrect, however.

Resurgence of empowered women bittersweet

By Helen Holmes | Published: June 2010
Strong women are making a comeback. They are dominating the Billboard charts, movie theaters, and fashion magazines.

Seniors set the tone

By Jenny Gerstner | Published: June 2010
There are simply no more limits for the senior class. Take, for example, a certain senior in my French class, who was absent two days in a row last week. On the third day, she walked into class slightly sunburned, shoulders dark and peeling. She sighed as she sat down, crinkling her nose as she yawned. A small shoulder bag hung loosely from her arm; she glanced down towards it when she saw me staring. “Oh, yeah, she shrugged. “I don't bring books to school anymore.
At some point of our lives, most of us will spend days and weeks stressing over a Barron's or a Princeton Review SAT book.

Denebola sees promise in new Senate bill

By Denebola | Published: May 2010
On May 6, the South Senate passed the Teachers Feedback/ Evaluation Initiative of 2010, a bill instituting evaluations for teachers filled out by students.

Not-so-free iced coffee day

By Denebola | Published: May 2010
We all know that ­South students crave the pre-homeroom pick-me-up of a tall, iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts.

Crossing the border: should you be punished?

By Laura Haime | Published: May 2010
Excited to enjoy the spring weather, I decide to walk to school. On my way, I think about all of the homework I didn't do the night before. As I contrive my game plan to get around the assignments, a cop car pulls over, thwarting my trip to school.“Excuse me, miss, can I see your documents?

The unnecessary loss of one’s AP virginity

By Sandy Shen | Published: May 2010
There's a slight familiarity to it all: the smell of freshly sharpened number two pencils, the clamor of students frantically cramming every last bit of information into their minds, and the anticipation in the air of the horrifying task before us.

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