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A Word on Leaks

By Jeff Hurray and Adam Sachs | Published: December 2010
With all of the recent controversy surrounding WikiLeaks, it may strike some as ironic that we have a leak of our own. No, we're not talking about the leaks discussed on South Park ( COMING OUT OF MY !!!). Rather, one involving the recent discovery of a diary belonging one of South's own administrators. Our findings were indeed “leaks, although a bit more hygienic than those previously ...
On May 6, 2010, a unanimous vote by a New York City community board took place to approve the building of an Islamic community center two and half blocks from ground zero. That same day the New York Post covered the story under the headline “Panel Approves 'ËœWTC' Mosque and Pamela Geller, co-creator of the group Stop Islamization of America, titled a blog entry “Monster Mosque Pushes Ahead in Shadow of World Trade Center Islamic Death and Destruction. Nothing about this scenario would be surprising except that today seven out of ten Americans agree with Geller, who recently published a guide to “fighting the Muslim brotherhood. How do seventy percent of the people in a country where from kindergarten we are taught that unlike so many other places in the world all Americans may practice religious freedom, oppose this first amendment right?
Rather than padding an argument with the security of The Constitution's flowery, scholarly language, take a look at the argument from a more ethical standpoint. Sure our Bill of Rights ensures our protection of religious freedom, but when it comes to a situation as such, who is counting? The attacks on September 11, 2001, marked the worst attacks on our country since the Pearl Harbor bombings during World ...

Cultural differences should not be overlooked with burqa

By Hattie Gawande | Published: November 2010
A French ban on the burqa and similar face and body coverings was cleared by the French Constitutional Council last week. The ban will come into effect this spring, effectively prohibiting Islamic face coverings in public. When the law is implemented, a fine of 150 euros (190 U.S. dollars) will be imposed on violators of the ban. This new law has, of course, sparked international controversy. From a man claiming to ...

Crew long overdue

By Jarrett Gorin | Published: November 2010
Why is lacrosse such a popular sport at South? Why football? Why basketball? All of these sports have one thing in common: they are accessible to everyone. Practice is right here at school. There is even a swim team, despite South's lack of a swimming pool. And yet with all this variety we are still lacking one team we should not be: a crew team. One of the most well-known regattas, the ...

China’s censorship hindering progress

By Andrew Feng | Published: November 2010
Chinese activist Liu Xiaobo was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize “for his long and non-violent struggle for fundamental human rights in China by the Nobel Committee on October 8. Liu Xiaobo, a long term activist for the integration of democratic principle in the Chinese government, was in jail at the time for “inciting subversion of state power according to the Chinese Government. Imprisonment has not stopped Xiabo, who has been ...

Explicit text messages lead to ruined relationships

By Alexandra Fen and Sammie Levin | Published: November 2010
Dear Generation Y, You're scaring us. Just yesterday we attempted to initiate a conversation with you, only to be answered by the staccato rhythm of your texting fingers. Lips quivering, tears forming, we yearned to simply hear the sound of your voice, but alas, your eyes remained fixed on your Smartphone screen. We cursed the very technology that took you away from us, yet had no choice but to resort to ...

Best day ever :)

By Jeff Hurray | Published: November 2010
In a recent hit single, Sammy Adams, Boston's self-proclaimed “boy, quotes his great-great-great-great uncle, the renowned revolutionary political leader Samuel Adams: “I hate college, but love Here at South, we feel this sentiment rings true about high school; most of the South population is sick and tired of the endless amounts of work and rigorous courses. In the past, South administration has tried to curb this lack of enthusiasm for ...

Denebola excited by new technical opportunities

By Denebola | Published: October 2010
Following a $200 million renovation at Newton North, it only seemed fair to wonder what South might receive to achieve a certain level of equity between Newton's two high schools.
In addition to congressional elections, Massachusetts voters have the option to vote for a reduction of the state sales tax from 6.25 percent down to three percent on November 2, 2010. The rate, raised from 5% in 2009, now may be sliced in half. Although opponents of this proposal may argue that this would dangerously cut government funding for necessary services, this reduction would overall be very beneficial for the ...

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