Minga Day raises teen awareness

By Jesse Zhang | Published: November 2009
South's chapter of Minga, a group dedicated to fighting the global child sex trade, hosted Minga Day on November 12.

Badminton club has smashing start

By Josh Podrid | Published: November 2009
The South Badminton Club held its first meeting on November 2. Club members meet Monday J-Blocks in the Field House. Senior and club leader Stephanie Fong described the turnout as “a countless number of people.

Senate embarks on new initiatives

By Josh Podrid | Published: October 2009
The South Senate plans to tackle the many current, pressing issues that are afflicting the student body. Principal Stembridge also plans on working closely with the Senate this year.

Junior officers change Semi site

By Roxanne Glazier | Published: October 2009
The junior semi-formal will be held at the Newton Marriott this year instead of the Hyatt Regency Cambridge, where it has been held for the past several years.

South holds flu vaccine clinic

By Alex Gershanov | Published: October 2009
A private company administered vaccines in the form of shots or nasal mist to over 150 preregistered students in South's flu vaccine clinic on October 15.

Wireless system upsets students

By Stepan Houtchens | Published: October 2009
Students working in the library this year no longer have private access to the library's wireless network.

Library revamps entrance floors

By Alex Gershanov | Published: October 2009
Students returning from the Yom Kippur long weekend may have noticed a much-brighter library entrance. This was not the effect of new lights, however, but of the new tile floor installed in the library's entrance.

Denebola expands ‘domain’

By Volume 49 Senior Editors | Published: October 2009
Users of can now access this site via  Its just another way you can access the website of your official school newspaper.

Admission prices to games raised from $3 to $5

By David Han | Published: September 2009
A league-wide decision by the Dual County League raised admission prices to games from $3 to $5 for students and from $5 to $7 for adults.

Seniors to hold tie-dye event to kick off year

By Judy Cohens | Published: September 2009
The senior class will participate in the “Senior Tie-Dye Fest on October 1.

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