Denebola takes home First Place at NESPA

By Denebola | Published: April 2010
On April 30, Denebola and its editors were were recognized by the New England Scholastic Press Association at its annual Boston University conference. Denebola received the Highest Achievement award – First Place in Class I newspapers. This award acknowledges Denebola's overall general excellence and its role as a leader in high school journalism. Volume 49, the volume primarily responsible for this achievement, was led by Editors-in-Chief David Han and Claire Pezza, Managing Editors Amrita Rao and Julia Sklar, and Business Director Alice Lee.

Vol49 receives recognition

By Denebola | Published: March 2010
On March 11, Denebola received the Massachusetts Press Association's "Award for General Excellence," as well as awards in several other categories. These awards recognize the outstanding work of Volume 49's senior editors and staff. Editors and senior editors from both Volume 49 and Volume 50 attended the awards banquet at Suffolk University.

Responding to Haiti

By Denebola | Published: February 2010
The South response to Haiti is nothing if not generous and compassionate; from door-to-door cash collection to concerted student efforts, the entire South community has shown extraordinary empathy towards the Haitians in the aftermath of the disastrous earthquakes.

Ban on texting passes House

By Denebola | Published: February 2010
On February 4, Massachusetts House lawmakers approved an amendment that proposes to ban drivers from using any kind of cell phones, with the exception of hands-free models with voice-activated dialing. The amendment was attached to a bill meant to crack down on distracted drivers.

No-Pants Monday, no problem

By Denebola | Published: February 2010
In an effort to publicize the Turnaround program's used jeans donation drive, senior Ben Chesler organized “No-Pants Monday, which took place on February 8.Chesler broadcasted a mass appeal via Facebook, asking for students to take off the jeans they wore to school and donate them.

Volume 50 senior editors appointed

By Denebola | Published: February 2010
Denebola's outgoing senior editors, David Han, Claire Pezza, Amrita Rao, and Julia Sklar, have appointed the new senior editors of Volume 50.

Senior commons reopened

By Jesse Zhang | Published: December 2009
Wheeler Housemaster Josepha Blocker reopened the Wheeler commons on December 11 after temporarily closing them for two days due to loud and disruptive behavior.

Mock Trial tackles new civil case

By Josh Podrid | Published: December 2009
The Mock Trial Team will travel to Waltham District Court to compete in the first of three regional trials on January 29. Led by Coaches Brian Hammel and Elliott Loew, Mock Trial members will litigate this year's civil case.

South vaccinated for H1N1

By Justin Quinn | Published: December 2009
Over 600 students received the swine flu vaccination at a clinic run by the nurses at South on December 18. The vaccinations, paid for by the state, were free to students who only had to fill out a consent form prior to the clinic. Vaccinations in the form of shots and nasal sprays were offered. The clinics took place during B and G blocks, giving each grade a designated time to go during those periods.

Swiss voters ban minarets

By Laura Haime | Published: December 2009
On Sunday, November 29, resentment toward the growing population of Muslims in Switzerland encouraged Swiss voters to ban minarets, an architectural feature of the Islamic mosque.

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