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Art Focus: Claire Barnewolt

By Bianca Ho | Published: April 2010
Senior Claire Barnewolt has danced for as long as she can remember, and her parents have been a huge factor influencing her in pursuing her passion.

Movie Review: The Clash of the Titans

By Noah Rivkin | Published: April 2010
It sure wasn't supposed to come off this way, but ladies and gentlemen, we may just have the next great comedy of all time.

World class ballroom dancers channel emotion into art

By Marina Afonkina | Published: April 2010
The spotlights are ready, the dancefloor dark, and the judges waiting. Couples from around the world parade onto the floor, ladies clad in bedazzled Swarovski crystal dresses holding up one arm as the gentlemen lead their partners onto the dance floor. Then, the music starts and the dancing begins.

Flash back to a time long gone with Polaroid cameras

By Ilana Sivachenko | Published: March 2010
If you were a liberal arts college student or a philosophy major at a state school (because you enjoy the subtle irony), what would be the unrivaled, most significant event of this year?

Album Review: The Courage of Others by Midlake

By Bianca Ho | Published: March 2010
The folk-rockers of Midlake released their third studio album, The Courage of Others, on February 1. If you do not recognize the name, it's probably because you have never heard of them before.

Myspace: The new music frontier

By Madeline Frieze | Published: March 2010
There are three things a musician needs: an instrument, a song, and a myspace page. Musicians all over the world want to be discovered. One way to receive this fame and fortune is to post music online.
The teachers and employees of South traded places with the students on March 13 as they took the stage for the seventh annual Faculty and Staff Talent Show.

Art Focus: Ben Chesler

By Michelle Mandeau | Published: March 2010
When senior Ben Chesler isn't busy leading the Class of 2010 as a class officer, campaigning for Setti Warren, or becoming one with nature, he transforms into a behind the scenes hero for South Stage.
The art department of Newton South successfully kindled an interest in the arts among eighth graders currently attending Brown and Oak Hill Middle Schools.

Sweeter than most, Sweet Charity is a success

By Amanda Sands | Published: February 2010
On February 4, 5, and 6, South Stage gave three performances of the 1966 musical, Sweet Charity. Under the direction of Leah Fine and choreographer Monica Stein, the cast of nearly 40 pulled together a riveting show that displayed a unique cohesion, talent, and sense of humor.

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