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Students directors make their debut in the One Acts

By Wendy Ma | Published: May 2010
From April 29 to May 1, the One Acts hit South's stage. These short plays were full of emotion and messages that grabbed the audience's attention.

Donna De Lory hits Newton Centre

By Justin Quinn | Published: May 2010
Singer Donna De Lory returned to Newton Centre on May 3 for a concert at Samadhi Yoga Center as part of her annual East Coast Tour.

Hip hop surge inspires new bands

By Madeline Frieze | Published: May 2010
“Hip hop¦. Or is it “hip-hop¦. Or maybe “hiphop? Either way, hip-hop is a cultural phenomenon developed in the early 70's by a generation of African Americans living in the Bronx. From a background of poverty, they created a beautiful, prideful expression of music, art, and dance.

Photo goes digital

By Emily Ho | Published: May 2010
Starting next year, a new digital photography class will be offered to students who have already taken Photo I.

Art Focus: Eric Phillips

By Bianca Ho | Published: May 2010
Any student at South acquainted with senior Eric Philips would call him a musical guy. Philips has performed, written, and mixed various music projects.

Fashion Focus: Carlos Morales

By Andrea Braver | Published: May 2010
Many students at South deliberately aim to blend in with the crowd, choosing to not stand out from their peers. Whether it's in the food they eat'€perhaps choosing to go vegan because their friends have decided that animals are too cute to be eaten'€or in the clothing they choose to wear, individuality is something that many a student struggle to attain.  Nevertheless, in a world of black and white, one South student lights up the color spectrum: junior Carlos Morales.

A great Tertulia makes for the best school day of the year

By Madeline Frieze | Published: April 2010
Over the years, Tertulia has expanded from a small collection of acts to an all day showcase of student talents.

Actress ventures out of her comfort zone and onto TV

By Michael Fuchs | Published: April 2010
South has nurtured the talents of many noteworthy movie and television actors, namely John Krasinski and B.J. Novak. Like these theatrically adept South students, junior Madeline Schulman has recently entered screen acting, and auditioned for a role in the sitcom Quintuplets.

Stand students dress up for Darfur

By Jenny Gerstner | Published: April 2010
Neon was the predominant theme on March 26 as South's STAND Coalition hosted its second annual benefit concert to help prevent worldwide genocide. The concert consisted of four different student bands and a student DJ.

Acafest sings for Haiti

By Ally Dellheim and Julia MacKenzie | Published: April 2010
In an effort to raise money for Haiti, various a cappella ensembles participated in South's Acafest on April 9. Ultimately, Acafest received exceptional praise and acclaim from its spectators.

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