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Professional potters stir interest among ceramics students

By Ally Dellheim and Julia MacKenzie | Published: October 2010
Professional potter Jeremy Ogusky came to South on September 30 to teach the students currently enrolled in ceramics. Ogusky was a Peace Corps volunteer in Lesotho, South Africa. As well as coordinating HIV/AIDS community programs and educating on public health, Ogusky also worked with local dibopi, or potters, to create pottery workshops. He shared techniques and learned from local potters. Ogusky has always been passionate about pottery. He believes in creating ...

Vaudeville meshes together diverse talent in one show

By Michael Fuchs and Bianca Ho | Published: October 2010
­From September 30 to October 2, South Stage Vaudeville put on a show with plenty of variety and lots of laughs. The vaudeville-style show, a form of entertainment once popular in the early 20th century, was directed by Jeff Knoedler, and stage managed by senior Jocelin Weiss. Knoedler suggests that the appeal of Vaudeville lies in its range of theatrical elements.  Vaudeville is unique in that it combines comedy with singing and ...

Teacher’s off to China

By Leigh Alon | Published: October 2010
At the end of January, a familiar face will be missing from the halls of the 9000s. Music department head Benjamin Youngman will be joining six other students and American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter Rosemarie Sanborn on a trip to the Jingshan school in Beijing, South's sister school. The impetus for Youngman's journey was a previously planned trip, which fell through when he first came to South. Youngman had arranged to ...

Art Focus: Jacob Gilbert

By Michelle Mandeau | Published: October 2010
Art has been a major component of Jacob Gilbert's life ever since he was a child. Although he has moved on from Duplo and Lego to more advanced art forms, Gilbert has never let go of his creative drive. Much of Gilbert's artistic influence and involvement with art comes from his parents, who were always doing different crafts and projects. His father used to be a published cartoonist and his mother had ...

Film Review: A Film Unfinished

By Jaime Rinaldi | Published: October 2010
When we say something is a “document about the Warsaw Ghetto what, exactly, do we mean? Can something which we thought a document over time, under other circumstances be another '€ even contradictory '€ kind of document? Dealing with the Holocaust, where men, as philosopher Hannah Arendt observed, stood History “on its head, what are we to do, as listeners, readers, viewers when context changes? When Claude Lanzimann created Shoah (1985), his seminal ...

Film Review: The Social Network

By Helen Holmes | Published: October 2010
While I am writing this review, I am on Facebook. My friend and I are discussing Halloween costumes. I have just gotten home from the movie theater, and I have learned where the updates, relationship statuses, and over-sharing all began. Surprisingly enough, although the story of Facebook is predominantly centered on a male cast, including Mark Zuckerberg and his friend Eduardo, its catalyst is a woman. In the first scene of The Social ...

Interior design makes a comeback; allows self expression

By Madeline Frieze | Published: September 2010
It is easy to tell who a person is just by looking at his or her room.  A bedroom is a sort of blank canvas, on which one can paint his/her deepest thoughts. Many students at South have personalized their rooms and, in doing so, expressed themselves on their walls. Senior Dario Foroutan displays his love for sports in his room. He displays two hockey sticks, one of which he received ...

Art Focus: Madeline Schulman

By Michelle Mandeau | Published: September 2010
Between starring in South Stage productions and spending summers studying theater abroad, senior Madeline Schulman is developing skills that could lead to fame and success in the future. When she was nine years old, Schulman's parents recognized her talent after she sang a one-line solo in a production at her summer camp. Consequently, they encouraged her to continue her pursuit of acting. The next summer, Schulman landed the role of Belle in Beauty in the ...

TV networks kick off fall season

By Brittany Bishop | Published: September 2010
Along with excitement of new teachers, a new school year, and new classes comes the anticipation of the fall television line-up. Every September, the TV stations dedicate one or two weeks each to end summer shows and begin to fill the stations with the premieres of both new and recurring programs. There are multiple shows per night to catch audiences with their love interests, medical diagnoses, song choices, or the thrill of ...

A take on the entertaining and ever bizarre VMAs

By Denebola | Published: September 2010
The MTV Video Music Awards always promise controversy, entertainment, and a little peek into the insanity behind the celebrities we hold in such esteem. Whether Madonna's kissing Britney or Kanye's dissing Taylor, we at home are in for an exciting few hours. The awards themselves are hardly the focus of the night. Let's be honest: we're watching partially for the performances and mostly for the crazy. I don't normally watch awards shows, but ...

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