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Art Focus: Gabe Goodman

By Leigh Alon | Published: December 2010
When senior Gabe Goodman was a little boy, he used to bang and scream for his dad to play guitar for him. At the age of four, his family got him a guitar of his own to “shut up permanently. It worked. “I do music because I love it. It doesn't really have any of the dreary connotations that the word 'Ëœcommitment' may contain, Goodman said. From his debut ...

Freshmen begin their Southstage careers with Organized Chaos

By Madeline Frieze | Published: November 2010
This year's freshman play, Organized Chaos put on by guest director Courtney Wrenn, consisted of nine 10-minute plays. The show, produced by Jeff Knoedler, took place in South's black box theatre on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. Organized Chaos made for a great bonding experience.  Indeed, many of the 21 freshmen forged strong relationships with one another.       “It was a great opportunity to make new friends and get to know people better, ...

Desirable No. 1: Harry Potter attracts muggles worldwide

By Amanda Sands | Published: November 2010
Tired but wired from the coffee you drank in the car, you walk through a dark, crowded parking lot and arrive at the doors of the theatre. You see your warm breath form misty clouds in the frigid November air, you feel your heart pounding in your chest. The anticipation is almost painful to endure. Inside the theatre, you realize you aren't as hardcore as the girls who drew scars on ...

Art focus: Jaclyn Horowitz

By Rachel Schy | Published: November 2010
Many may know her as that really short girl who is always on stage displaying her talents, but to others she is senior Jaclyn Horowitz, a friendly face they know and love. Since she was five, Horowitz has been involved in the performing arts, starting out at a local production company called Center Stage. “My first was called Rocky Road. Five or six years later, I was still performing with ...

Lebensraum explores unconventional hypothetical

By Connie Gong | Published: November 2010
Lebensraum, literally “living space, was a major component of Nazi ideology. Formulated by Adolf Hitler, this political idea served as motivation for the expansionist policies of Nazi Germany, aiming to provide more land for the German people and encourage the growth of the German nation. Confronting a sensitive and emotionally charged subject matter, the play Lebensraum is powerful and compelling. It considers the complex and contradictory feelings surrounding the Holocaust and ...

The confidence to be caprecious

By Helen Holmes | Published: November 2010
Greetings, Newton South! In case you were wondering, this is the first of (hopefully) many columns I will be writing on the illustrious and distinctive topic of fashion. Let me just say to those who are reading: I love clothes. I love wearing them and talking about them and now I get to write about them! Perhaps you've seen me roaming the halls - I'm the one with the red ...

New wing celebrating American art open to MFA members

By Michael Fuchs | Published: November 2010
On November 14, The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston opened its new wing Art of the Americas, which chronicled American forms of art from the first millennium BC to the late 20th century.  Being a member, I was fortunate enough to attend.   The exhibit was divided into floors, each one defined by a specific period or style of art.  At the entrance of each level was a gallery, intended ...

Meaning of “arty” continues to evolve

By Andrea Braver | Published: November 2010
Artsyness: a term used to describe students who dress in a specific way, hang out in a particular section of South, partake in precise activities, and act in similar mannerisms to one another. The term “artsy has evolved from referring to mediums of art such as acting, singing, photography, and drawing to an image. The evolution has occurred partially because of students' fashion choices, partially as a result from the ...

Festival singers lose co-director

By Ally Dellheim and Julia MacKenzie | Published: November 2010
The Festival Singers commonly known as “Festies have been a popular group since 2002. The chorus is student-run, and includes mainly sophomores, juniors and seniors who are currently enrolled in the chorus at the school, although it is open to anyone. The group meets during J-Blocks, and is an opportunity for students to receive honors chorus credits. The group meets, and rehearses songs, then performs them at elderly ...

Talented teachers explore the arts

By Michael Fuchs | Published: October 2010
As hard to imagine as it may be, South teachers harbor talents in fields other than education, specifically music and dance.  Dr. Paul Estin, who teaches history and psychology, has been a keen musician all his life. He first forayed into music at the mere age of nine, when he learned how to play the violin'€an instrument his older sister incidentally played as well. Since then, Estin has learned to sing ...

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