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South alum organizes Japan benefit concerts

By Rutul Patel | Published: April 2011

The King of Limbs, but nobody’s dancing

By Hattie Gawande | Published: April 2011
Radiohead is the band that every teenage alternative and/or indie rock fan theoretically adores.

The Fashion Files

By Helen Holmes | Published: April 2011
Rarely within the confines of the shiny, commercial, and deceptively safe bubble that surrounds the fashion industry does any sort of real controversy present itself.

Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark­­­—a tangled web

By Sophie Scharlin-Pettee | Published: April 2011
The legend of Spider-Man has dazzled the minds of people of all ages since the idea was first imagined in 1962, by Marvel writers Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

Prometheus Bound holds South’s student audience captive

By Sarah Wanger | Published: April 2011
Prometheus Bound is a rock musical based off the Greek tragedy written by Aeschylus carrying the same name.

Art Focus: Jeffrey Alkins

By Sophie Scharlin-Pettee | Published: April 2011
“I love to dance.  It allows me to paint a picture through movement for all watching to see.”
The 83rd Annual Academy Award’s show was broadcasted on Sunday, February 27, drawing some 38 million viewers. Although the Academy’s production was obviously orchestrated to cater to a younger audience, especially with its hosts, it was tradition and history that won the statuettes, with The King’s Speech taking home Best Picture, Best Director for Tom Hooper, and Best Actor for Colin Firth. The King’s Speech, which is based on a true story, ... entitled its Oscar fashion slideshow “Safety First”—cue the oft-used sigh of exasperation. Gone indeed are the days of shock, awe, glamour, and grandeur on the red carpet (Björk’s swan dress, anyone? J.Lo’s glistening torso?); in the new decade we are left with a parade of blink-and-you’d-miss-’em couture prom dresses. This past award season, it’s been easy to look good, but quite a feat to look fabulous (of course, the vicious Joan Rivers will have thanked you, too, for looking like a steaming mess). Come wind, come rain, come yards of boring taffeta—I present to you my Oscar night red-carpet report card.

Tartan times for trendy types

By Helen Holmes | Published: December 2010
Last week, I was struck with a bolt of inspiration that only an extra-adorable outfit can inspire. Devoid, as I was, of any clean pants or a t-shirt, I decided to be literal to the point of excess and dress like a schoolgirl. This look required a button-down shirt fastened all the way to the collar (check), an old reject tie from my dad's closet (check), a kilt I found ...

Latin students raise their voices for the holidays

By James Palmer | Published: December 2010
Only one word could describe the Latin trip to the 63rd annual Brown University Latin Carol celebration: divine.  On December 6, 28 Latin scholars (both current and past students) set out from South at 6:30 PM for the First Baptist Church in Providence, Rhode Island, en route to a night of jubilant celebration of the holiday season and of the simple joy of the Classics. Accompanied by our faithful magistra Alice ...

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