Living under threat of extinction: Age of the Atom Bomb

By Denebola | Published: February 2011
By Laura Kaufman and Becca Levy, Volume 21 March 17, 1982 “My God! I have to get involved!” was one student’s reaction after listening to the first guest speaker of Nuclear Education Week, Dr. Helen Caldicott, famous pediatrician and activist against nuclear arms. She began her powerful presentation by showing actual footage of the devastating effects of the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. “Now you can see we’ve literally harnessed the energy of ...

South stands firm on nuclear disarmament

By Denebola | Published: February 2011
By Mike Boches, Volume 21 May 26, 1982 On June 12, Newton South students will join over a million people in New York City in a rally for nuclear disarmament. People will be coming from near and far to participate in what is expected to be the largest demonstration in history. It will be held during the United Nation’s Second Special Session devoted to Disarmament, at the United Nations Headquarters in Manhattan. The Newton ...

Leaders in education: South ranked 15th

By Denebola | Published: February 2011
By Mark Woodlief, Volume 23 January 25, 1984 Newton South began the fateful 1984 with good news – the school earned a ranking in Parade magazine among the top fifteen public high schools in the nation. Souh was praised for some of its unique programs, including the English-as-a-second-language program, the life-skill center, and the “outstanding” theater arts department. The school’s high percentage of college-bound students was also cited, as well as the nursery school run ...

Race and prejudice: Tension underlies school life

By Denebola | Published: February 2011
By Wendy Meltzer, Volume 25 February 14, 1986 At first glance, Newton South appears to be a normal, well-balanced high school, with a higher than normal level of academics. Looking deeper, however, it becomes apparent that there is a problem underlying the happy atmosphere of life at South, namely racial issues. The problem may not seem to exist for many members of the South community, but for Guidance Counselor Sandra Alexander, the tension caused ...

Law and order: Draft, Hazelwood decision impact South

By Denebola | Published: February 2011
By Eric Zaff, Volume 27 February 12, 1988 The Supreme Court ruled last month that school officials have the right to censor school newspapers. The decision passed by a five to three vote with the court deciding that the school administration can remove subject matter from school publication. The case was filed when the principal of the Hazelwood East High School in Hazelwood, Missouri, Robert Reynolds, pulled two pages from the school’s newspaper, The Spectrum, ...

Senior student heads off to war

By Denebola | Published: February 2011
By Sam Lanckton, Volume 30 February 14, 1991 As Newton South students learn more about the horrors of war, concerns about a mandatory draft begin to lurk in the minds of many. One Newton senior, however, doesn’t have to worry about the draft. In December, John Freedland enlisted in the army. E will be a paratrooper. He will learn how to jump out of a plane. He will learn how to maneuver in the ...

Students inflamed by Israeli-Palestinian debates

By Denebola | Published: February 2011
By Penny Vlagopolous, Volume 31 April 11, 1991 Newton South made history on Thursday, March 14. A major portion of the regular school day was pre-empted so that students and faculty could attend various assemblies and workshops about the situation in the Middle East.One of the largest and most exciting presentations was the debate between Attorney Richard Fraiman, who lived in Israel for eight years, and Professor Nadhim Rouhana, a Palestinian. “The Israeli-Palestinian assembly ...

Newton schools violate civil rights

By Denebola | Published: February 2011
By Rebecca Wand, Volume 31 May 16, 1991 The United States Office of Education, Office for Civil Rights (OCR) issued its Letter of Findings on Monday, thus closing its investigation of the Newton Public Schools, which found three civil rights violations concerning special education. A parent of several special needs students filed 10 allegations with OCR on June 14, 1990. The complaint alleged that the Newton Schools discriminated against handicapped students in violation of ...
Volume 32 December 23, 1992 “I almost cried when I heard their stories,” one freshman said. “It must be really scary thinking that there is something wrong with you, being different than everyone else.” Such were the responses to a South presentation by an organization of Brandeis students, TRISCALION, a gay, lesbian, and bisexual group. They discussed their denial and fear upon realizing they were gay, and their college experiences. Although they usually ...

Affirmative Action: thoughts

By Denebola | Published: February 2011
Volume 35 June 8, 1995 “Affirmative action opens the door to get people in. The diversity piece—how people interact, the environment—overlays on top of the affirmative action piece… you won’t succeed at one without doing the other.” - Digital Equipment Corporation Diversity Merger

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