By Denebola | Published: February 2011

South’s dress code in the 60s

By Denebola | Published: February 2011
By Stephanie Simon, Volume 24 December 19, 1984 Imagine a school where students don’t wear jeans or shirts. All the boys are wearing slacks, and the girls are outfitted in skirts or dresses. This school is not imaginary. It is not a parochial or even a private school. It is Newton South in the 1960’s. Until approximately 1970, South instituted a formal dress code. It was unheard of for girls to ...

Lennon’s death shocks and saddens

By Denebola | Published: February 2011
By Alex Atwood, Volume 20 December 19, 1980 The death of John Lennon was, for me and many people, the saddest and most upsetting news event we have experienced. Almost all people born in the 60’s, like me, do not remember the assassinations of Martin Luther King or Robert Kennedy. Thus, when a man like John Lennon is brutally, senselessly murdered, it should come as no surprise that we are profoundly grieved ...

South radio livens

By Denebola | Published: February 2011
By Jill Priluck, Volume 28 January 12, 1989 The Southside is a weekly 15 minute radio show that discusses the news, sports, arts, and entertainment of Newton South and the Newton community as a whole. The show airs on 1550 AM, WNTN, at 7:45 on Saturday mornings. Senior Lisa Bernard is the director of the Southside radio show. She began as a freshman, working at the station as a reporter, working with ...
By Denebola staff, Volume 10 September 29, 1970 School: an institution devoted to the propagation of reading, writing and arithmetic. Does this “code of learning” fit in with your theory of education? If not, there are a variety of other ways to supplement your curriculum. It is up to you to choose the one that will make your school hours the most relevant and meaningful for you. There are some students who are ...

Tonight’s gonna be a good, good night

By Denebola | Published: February 2011
By Rachel Knight, Volume 32 March 19, 1993 It’s Saturday night. There’s a huge party that you’ve been looking forward to all day. You shower, you get ready to go, and then head downstairs and out the door. But something stands between you and the door, something that is separating you from a night with your friends, a night of fun and adventure: your parents. Every weekend all over ...

Back in the day…

By Denebola | Published: February 2011
We talked to Jim Marks, class of ‘79 and parent of one current and one former South student, to find out what the social scene was like when he was at South.

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