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Denebola » Josh Podrid http://www.denebolaonline.net The Award-Winning, Official School Newspaper of Newton South High School, Newton, MA Fri, 17 Jun 2011 02:00:19 +0000 en hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=3.0.2 Mock Trial tackles new civil case http://www.denebolaonline.net/2009/12/23/mock-trial-tackles-new-civil-case/ http://www.denebolaonline.net/2009/12/23/mock-trial-tackles-new-civil-case/#comments Wed, 23 Dec 2009 08:25:29 +0000 Josh Podrid http://www.denebolaonline.net/?p=3420 The Mock Trial Team will travel to Waltham District Court to compete in the first of three regional trials on January 29. Led by Coaches Brian Hammel and Elliott Loew, Mock Trial members will litigate this year’s civil case.

The case concerns a man by the name of DJ Zellus who, acting on the advice of his financial advisor, A.J. Clifford, invested in a hedge fund called the Haskin Fund. Zellus knew that investing in the fund was a risky enterprise, but his confident in Clifford compeled him to invest most of his money, including his daughter’s college funds. After Zellus wound up losing a good deal of money, he sued his advisor for reimbursement.

Zellus would claim that Clifford shirked his fiduciary duty and misled him. Clifford would claim that Zellus understood the risks of the investment by signing the intial paperwork and ultimately had no one to blame but himself. 

The case requires much preparatory work on behalf of the team. Mock Trial meets every Wednesday evening from 7 to 9 pm and for approximately four hours every Saturday.

“As arduous as it seems Mock Trial is, the benefits always counteract the demanding schedule and preparation, Junior Nate Kropp said. Over 110 Massachusetts high schools have Mock Trial teams that will compete for the state championship against South.

After graduating several key Seniors last year, the team has some rebuilding and reorganizing to do before their first big case of the year.

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Badminton club has smashing start http://www.denebolaonline.net/2009/11/25/badminton-club-has-smashing-start/ http://www.denebolaonline.net/2009/11/25/badminton-club-has-smashing-start/#comments Wed, 25 Nov 2009 08:36:58 +0000 Josh Podrid http://www.denebolaonline.net/?p=3193 The South Badminton Club held its first meeting on November 2.

Club members meet Monday J-Blocks in the Field House. Senior and club leader Stephanie Fong described the turnout as “a countless number of people.

Club founders and leaders include Fong, Ismael Algarin, Jaime Qing, and Jason Wu. Due to court unavailability, the club was unable to start sooner.

After acquiring a club advisor, the club leaders received approval from Guidance Counselor Leonid Libenzon and Principal Joel Stembridge.

The group hopes to persuade amateur skill-leveled players to come and play badminton in an intramural environment.

Posters, soon to be put up around the school, will advertise official tryouts for a badminton team. The club plans on creating a team of eight that will compete against schools like Newton North High School and Waltham High School.

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Senate embarks on new initiatives http://www.denebolaonline.net/2009/10/21/senate-embarks-on-new-initiatives/ http://www.denebolaonline.net/2009/10/21/senate-embarks-on-new-initiatives/#comments Wed, 21 Oct 2009 09:41:00 +0000 Josh Podrid http://www.denebolaonline.net/?p=2900 The South Senate plans to tackle the many current, pressing issues that are afflicting the student body. Principal Stembridge also plans on working closely with the Senate this year.

Current Senate committees are researching the issues of: access to the weight room, electronics usage in the school (i.e. cell phones in the library), the number of assignments a student can have due a particular day, an alternative place to eat besides the cafeteria, and the new community service requirement.

The student body passed Question 1, which asked “Do you support the creation of a community service graduation requirement beginning with the Class of 2013?, 466 votes to 431 votes in June.
Although the Senate did not have time to address the results of this ballot at the end of last school year, it is currently considering creating a community service graduation requirement.

Another important issue Senate faces this year is how to implement a no-cheating-or-plagiarizing policy.

A past Denebola survey showed that 39 percent of students believed cheating was an issue at the school.

Junior and Senator David Altman feels that the Senate Student Recycling Initiative has been successful. Last year, Phase 1, asking students to recycle paper, was passed. Phases 2 and 3 hope to implement school-wide recycling policies for bottles and cans.

“Phases 2 and 3 were all worked out last year, and we are looking forward to implementing them this year, he said.

The city of Newton has recently employed a new residential trash/recycling program.

“We’ve made a lot of progress with recycling at South, and we’re hoping to continue and improve upon what we’ve already done, senior and Senate Co-Secretary Allen Li said.

Senate’s main goal for the upcoming year is to raise awareness about the student government, what they do, and its involvement in and importance in the student body.

Freshman elections will take place this November, and the Senate will appoint three sophomores to fill the three vacant seats representing the Class of 2012.

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Principal plans new decision system http://www.denebolaonline.net/2009/09/30/principal-plans-new-decision-system/ http://www.denebolaonline.net/2009/09/30/principal-plans-new-decision-system/#comments Wed, 30 Sep 2009 07:59:42 +0000 Roxanne Glazier http://www.denebolaonline.net/?p=2621 In hopes of standardizing the decision-making process and creating a system to collect opinions from students, teachers, and parents, Principal Joel Stembridge plans to redefine how policies are created at South.

When Stembridge arrived at South and began asking people how decisions were made, he received a variety of responses, leading him to the conclusion that no standard procedure currently existed.

“[I] want to try and draw a clear picture for students and parents and teachers so everyone knows how decisions are made and how to enter that process, Stembridge said.

The new process, though not yet finalized, will most likely include several groups including South Senate, Faculty Council, the Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO), and the Committee on Program, a group comprised of administrators, teachers, and student representatives. Each group will have the opportunity to suggest new and review potential policies.

Groups will not be able to veto or approve any legislation; however, they will be able to voice their opinions and send reviews to Stembridge and the School Committee members, who will make a final decision.

By attending School Council meetings and emailing Stembridge, parents would also have the opportunity to comment on new policies.

Stembridge wants to make sure he’s hearing the voices of teachers, parents, and students before making a final decision.

“Taking the time to go through this process can be seen by some as inefficient, but on the other hand, we will do better making sure that we include all those voices in decision making, Stembridge said.

Junior and South Senator Dan Sazer looks forward to a new system that grants South Senate and students more influence on school policy.

“I feel that the South Senate is nothing more than an adviser to the administration, Sazer said. “We need more power to get things done, seeing as how we represent every single student at South.

Because so many groups will review ideas and policies will still take many months to create, Stembridge will use his discretion in making quick decisions.

Stembridge will not be willing to change the policy of safety decisions, but he will be open to hearing suggestions on how to deal with the rule afterwards.

For example, Stembridge will not retract the new food policy prohibiting students from eating in the hallways, but he hopes to consult the South Senate on ways to provide comfortable, safe, positive, and informal alternatives to eating on the floor.

Junior and South Senator Jaclyn Horowitz feels that the current system is democratic and effective, and a new system, which may be unnecessary, would support “a more effective method of admistrative contact.

Stembridge hopes to have a basic structure for the long-term policy creation method in the upcoming weeks.

“I don’t think that this change [in policy making] is one that’s going to be felt in the daily lives of anybody. This is about long term policy decisions, Stembridge said.

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No train, no game: Off-season dedication makes a difference http://www.denebolaonline.net/2009/05/13/no-train-no-game-off-season-dedication-makes-a-difference/ http://www.denebolaonline.net/2009/05/13/no-train-no-game-off-season-dedication-makes-a-difference/#comments Wed, 13 May 2009 13:58:55 +0000 Josh Podrid http://www.sandbox.denebolaonline.net/?p=2352 One of the most important aspects of improving your athletic experience in high school is off-season training.
Every sport, from volleyball to football requires a great amount of dedication, a solid work ethic, and an overall love for the game.

Every student would agree that the athletes who train hard during their off-seasons undoubtedly show improvement when they return next season.

Football for example, is perhaps one of the most physically taxing sports South offers. These devoted student-athletes train at Kettlebell Gym every Friday, an hit the weight room everyday.

They do intense reps of cardio, and participate in sprinting exercises. These players come into the season stronger, faster, and with a better understanding of the game as a whole.

“As lazy as you’re feeling, there is never a moment where you can think to yourself that it’s okay to take a break. You must convince yourself to get up and train every opportunity you get, stated Junior Joey Anderson.
Another comparatively rigorous high school sport is lacrosse. It demands continual focus and a remarkable amount of athletic physicality.

Coach Makalum has put a big emphasis on off season training. He assesses the incoming athletes’ ambitions in try-outs.

His analysis is based on the showing of physical ability either by bench pressing reps of 205 pounds and successfully completing 3.5 miles in only 28 minutes. If an athlete has been training and working hard, he or she will be better prepared for the season.

Many lacrosse athletes participate in an all year-round league, called Top Gun Indoor Lax. Junior Wil Mason contributes much of his playing time during the off-season on to major improvements during the regular, spring season on South’s lacrosse team.

“The hard work and playing time we achieve during the off-season has helped even the most experienced players to improve tremendously and excel at this level, said Mason.

One sport that some may say doesn’t require much physical athleticism is baseball. In fact, those committed high school baseball players who physically train their bodies are among the most driven and hard working athletes out there.

They too, play season-round, on club and town teams. They are constantly at the local batting-cages or in the weight room; getting into shape.

Junior baseball player Sam Forman commented that, “those kids who you know have been working so hard to improve have really made a significant advancement on their overall game. The team as a whole has really prospered from the work kids put out during the off-season.

There is a solid atmosphere at our school that demonstrates sports as an important part of our daily lives.
The athletes who are truly dedicated to their respective sports are those who train hard, not only during their season but also during their off-season.

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Senate reaches out to new principal http://www.denebolaonline.net/2009/05/13/senate-reaches-out-to-new-principal/ http://www.denebolaonline.net/2009/05/13/senate-reaches-out-to-new-principal/#comments Wed, 13 May 2009 07:57:59 +0000 Josh Podrid http://www.sandbox.denebolaonline.net/?p=2296 As the current school year comes to a close, the South Senate has initiated plans to welcome and work with principal Joel Stembridge.

The Senate passed a Stembridge resolution on April 16 in an effort to improve communication with the new principal.

The resolution states that “the Senate would like to establish a strong partnership with the new administration next year to continue passing legislation beneficial to the student body.

Senate members are not quite sure what changes will be made when Stembridge enters office, but they are optimistic.

“He might work more closely with the Senate than Principal Salzer, he might not, senator and junior Allen Li said. “Either way, the Senate will continue its business as usual.

Although there is little direct principal involvement in the planning of Senate policies, Senate bills must go through the principal before taking effect.

“I hope that the Senate continues to have an active partner, Senate president and senior Bill Humphrey said. “I am hopeful that he will engage with the Senate on various policy ideas.

Stembridge responded to the Senate’s resolution, stating that he is looking forward to working together and meeting everyone at South.

“[The Senate] will make sure Stembridge is integrated as smoothly as possible into our school system and that the Senate has a strong relation with him in dealing with student issues, sophomore Dan Sazer said.

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