Denebola 50 Years

The Event

D A T E   C H A N G E D !

Please note:

Denebola will host a special event just after Graduation.

The date has been changed.

The new date:  11 June, Saturday.

Purpose? to gather 1400+ Denebers from Vol 1 – Vol 51 and celebrate the half-centennial of both Denebola and Newton South High School.

FRI 10 June from 2pm special tours of the (new) South building, 50 vols of Denebola “viewable” in 9202, Oral History occasions and a 5 pm Reception/Gathering with remarks by Dr Jane Hogan, Denebola’s FIRST Editor in Chief.

SAT (30 ) am/pm 6 panels from NOON– 4 pm on: 
Media & Technology
Medicine & Health Care
Law & Social Policy
Literature & the Arts
Finance $$$
Sports & Wellness.

“First Class” Dinner @ 6.30 pm

So, what ELSE?
+ Original *Back Issues* from 1970 and many past Denebola memorabilia will be auctioned off (silently), including (authentic) SprayMount & Whoop-Ass paddle, the Waxer, sensational photographs, uncensored crit-sheets, abandoned Newzies, Stan’s ads, paste up boards (with red squares), and miscellaneous – unsecured – discs. (Other delicious items which cannot be named will nevertheless be available.)

+ Copies of Denebola “50th Edition” available for purchase by mail (see Home Page)

+ Special Presentation of Danny Mendelson “bust” to AD Scott Perrin & Principal Joel Stembridge (gift of Mr Warren Priest, formerly of Meadowbrook Junior High.)

+ Remarks by Jane Hogan, 1st Editor-in-Chief of Denebola (1962)

+ K E Y N O T E by Mark Leibovich, p1 The New York Times

+ the Usual Suspects from New Yorker, NPR, Vanity Fair, et al.

A “first-class” Dinner (price to be announced) catered by Michael Baker, ’64 (Baker’s Best Catering).

ALL attending Denebola alumni will receive a special Denebola CD, which contains the ENTIRE Denebola archive.


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Denebola: 1960 - 2011. Thank you.