Denebola 50 Years

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Students go to Congress to fight legislation raising drinking age

By Peter Rubin, Volume 18 March 21, 1979 On Thursday, February 15, Massachusetts High School students got involved in the dispute over raising the drinking age. The State Student Advisory Council (SSAC) held a press conference at the offices of the State Department of Education to announce the position of the council with regards to [...]

A nondrinker’s view

Volume 38 December 23, 1998 It is a well-known fact that teenagers drink and smoke. As much as teenagers and adults like to think that it is only the “bad” kids who drink and smoke, most of us at Newton South are aware that the majority of us, by our junior years, have, if not [...]

Boozing & cruising: drunk driving persists over the years

By Steven Epstein, Volume 17 September 27, 1977 In the last two years, four Newton South students have been killed in driving accidents while under the influence of alcohol. Four young adults have lost their lives needlessly due to carelessness combined with the effects of alcohol. Alcohol abuse, described by South’s Driver Education Director Norman [...]

South addresses drugs through symposium

Classes were cancelled for two days at South to examine the problem of drugs, in hope of giving greater insight and knowledge to both students and parents concerning drug use. By Marvin Swartz, Volume 7 February 14, 1968 Despite the Drug Committee’s deliberateness, the Drug Symposium was not a symposium. It was a slick one [...]

South’s cannabis culture on the rise

By Ben Diamond, Volume 32 March 19th, 1993 “Hey, you wanna go smoke? I’ll match you.” Not an uncommon question to be heard at a Newton South party. As with most high schools in the country today, Newton South High School has its share of drugs, particularly marijuana, and drug users. Although pot’s popularity has [...]

Rumors spread that South’s drug scene captured on camera

By Greg Walsh, Volume 18 March 21, 1979 Rumors and allegations have been spreading throughout the student body at South this past week, regarding the alleged photographing of NSHS’s students by officers of the Newton Police department. The alleged photographs are being collected as evidence and information on suspected drug users and dealers. Other allegations [...]

North/South Theater

By Stephanie Simon, Volume 24 March 13, 1985 The existence of two high schools in one city might be expected to produce student bodies, which are divided by dramatic rivalries. In the case of Newton North and Newton South, however, the students are about to be united by a theatrical project. Approximately 40 students from [...]

South celebrates the arts with Tertulia

Since 2000, Tertulia has been a yearly and highly anticipated event in the spring, taking the place of the annual May festival in previous years. Denebola had the chance to interview Tertulia Advisor, What exactly is Tertulia? Tertulia means “a gathering of the performing arts.” The Tertulia was designed to create a school tradition that would [...]

What is art?

By Rachel Knight, Volume 34 December 23, 1994 Art takes many forms. There is art in the blazing swirl of blue paint across white canvas, art in the tremble in a singer’s voice and art in cooking a gourmet meal. Art in the tight spin of a ballet dancer and in the scrawl of a [...]

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