Denebola 50 Years

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What is Denebola?

“Give it to me, yeah; No one’s gonna show me how”

It was a dark and stormy night. As we prepared for bed, we tried to forget about how long we had waited for this evening and the news it would bring. But this proved impossible as we heard car doors slam followed by the sound of a doorbell. Our hearts stopped and we opened the [...]

A note from “The Fan”

Writing about how she came to write her award-winning account of a spunky little race horse and America during the Great Depression, Laura Hillenbrand said of Seabiscuit, that she became intrigued “how history hides in curious places.” The story wasn’t lost, Hillenbrand said, “it was scattered…tucked in back pockets and bottom drawers.” Over the past [...]

“Let me help you out”

Last week I was talking to two other South grads – each of us having graduated over 10 years apart from each other. We have little in common but our connection to Newton, yet somehow we instinctively agree and anticipate each other’s moves. We’re not close friends, but it feels natural to get along. Why [...]

Denebola: 1960 - 2011. Thank you.