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Students demand end to war and draft

By Larry Adelman, Volume 7 April 3, 1968 The Committee’s platform is “end the war, the draft, and high school complicity with them.” The Committee’s political position is set forth in its newspaper by arguments for and against the two Socialist Workers Party candidates [for president]. It opposes the war and the draft, and supports [...]

Black power advocate speaks on race

By Larry Adelman, Volume 8 October 16, 1968 Dick Gregory, black power advocate and candidate for President, spoke at Newton High on Friday, October 11, and placed the problem of race relations squarely upon the backs of whites, all over the United States. His oratory touched upon many areas of race relations, but had no [...]

Letter from Vietnam

To the seniors of 1968: The year is coming to an end; you’re stepping out into the world. I can still remember when I was a senior and the things that I looked forward to. But you are all in for a surprise! Things are not going to work out as you want them too. [...]

Right on Corner: Black is a concept

By Tony Leonard, Volume 10 November 10, 1970 There has recently been a conflict between black and white students at Newton High School. However this conflict has since died down but not completely. It has become more or less an Armistice, where as one more incident could very well be called the catalyst that would [...]

Hostility bars racial communication

By Robert Levine, Volume 10 November 24, 1970 Dear Editor, I am writing this letter in response to the “Right on Corner” which appeared in the November 10, 1970 issue of Denebola. I wish to address my comments to Tony Leonard, the student who wrote the first entry for the “Right on Corner”. In an [...]

METCO students integrated into South

Volume 11 October 19, 1971 This year Newton South is hosting eleven METCO students. The METCO program, initiated in 1966, is a program designed to offer a viable educational alternative to inner-city schools. The initials METCO stand for Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity. According to Mrs. Cathy Jones, “METCO is based upon giving students a [...]

Vandalism plagues South

By Debbie Kraft, Volume 10 January 18, 1971 As we leave the year 1970 behind us, we also leave eleven thousand dollars worth of theft and vandalism done at Newton South High School. The vandalism has been widespread and costly, ranging from broken windows to mutilated clocks, phones, and thermostats. Head custodian Tom Sabetti said [...]

Teachers protest through ‘work to rule’, students suffer

By Naomi Sacks, Volume 17, November 2, 1977 The teachers’ policy of work to rule has been in effect for over a month now. Random representatives of the student population were interviewed to find out student reactions. Most students are familiar with the policy of work to rule. When asked whether they supported the teachers, [...]

Students dissatisfied with raised drinking age

Joel A. Rabinovitz, Volume 18 March 21, 1979 The legislators see an alcohol abuse problem in this state; their answer is to raise the dinking age. I, too, see an alcohol abuse problem, but I don’t think that it is limited to teenagers, and, above all, I don’t think that the legislator’s answer will work. [...]

Blizzard of ’78 pummels Newton; South kids help out

By Jeffrey Menzer, Volume 17 March 1, 1978 The storm, which is now known as The Great Blizzard of ’78, caused havoc everywhere to everyone. Students were given an unexpected eight days of vacation. Because of the emergency ban, this vacation turned into a monotonous week. Most of us suffered from Cabin Fever. But many [...]

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