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South turns 50 – Principals lead the way

Davidson 1960-1965 From an Appreciation by Social Studies chair Wayne Altree published in Denebola: [He was] a man  whose virtues were those worth having and whose faults were venial. He was the quintessential New Englander – a true-blue Yankee, prideful of his seafaring Cape Cod forebears. He was a great confabulist and his mise-en-scene has [...]

Geer (1965-1973)

From a January 2011 interview: It may seem odd that I came to public school Newton South from a private, boarding school experience. I was raised in NYC, my Father had published Fortune magazine and was part of that early creative group that did Architectural Forum. He had become the vice president of Time, Inc [...]

Seasholes (1973-1997)

From a January 2011 interview: How did Newton South High School come into being? Well, Newton High school, a classical high school that went back into the 19th century and had a national reputation, was getting too big, perhaps 3400 students. So the thinking was to build an even larger, a huge, a massive high [...]

Welch (2000-2005)

From the June 2005 issue of Denebola: ‘If you had told me I was going to be a high school principal some day, I would have said you’ve got to be crazy,’ [Mike Welch said]. He could not deny, however, his interest in assisting youth. ‘I love working with kids,’ he stated simply with a [...]

Stembridge (2009-Present)

From Stembridge’s “This I Believe” essay presented on September 24, 2010: I believe that South is a wonderful school. I also believe that we have some important work to do before our students will proudly proclaim “My school loves me!” During my first year as Principal at South, I did a lot of listening to [...]

50th Anniversary Edition – Why and How

Fiftieth Anniversaries only come once. That’s why Denebola could not – and would not – miss the opportunity to celebrate Newton South’s, as well as its own. This paper – the 50th Anniversary Edition of Denebola – exemplifies the range of accomplishments that South is known for. The 50th Edition surveys the five decades of our [...]

18 months of labor pay off: Newton South born

The Newtonite, Sept. 1960 The administration and the faculty of Newton South High School took a deep breath and opened the doors of a barely finished school on September 13. “If this teacher puts us in alphabetical order, I’ll die,” commented one of the sophomores, first entrants into the new school. These new high schoolers [...]

Denebola is born

By Jane Hogan The Newtonite, 1960 For thirty-nine years The Newtonite has more than adequately fulfilled the purpose of a school newspaper – to inform the student body and to serve as a clearing house for ideas and opinions. Now we have two high schools on opposite sides of the city. The Newtonite can no [...]

Newton divided; students split

By Carol Levi The Newtonite, May 1960 How can we keep Newton united while we divide the high school? Now is the time to act! Parents, teachers, students, and all our citizens are faced with the challenge to work together to keep Newton High School one in spirit. June 1960 is he last time that [...]

Just war polemics

By Marvin Swartz, Volume 7 April 3, 1968 The bomber screams cutting close to the village.The pilot goes down low and the Earth is a mud puddle but children aren’t making mud pies and pretending that dirt and water really make pies. So he drops his package up high where he can’t see who must [...]

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