April 2011 Issue

School spirit suddenly surfaces

By Rutul Patel | Published: April 2011
On Wednesday, April 13, South pride was not just evident, but it was palpable. The students donned more than just the mundane jeans and t-shirts; they sported the Lions’ blue and orange.

South alum organizes Japan benefit concerts

By Rutul Patel | Published: April 2011

Athletic fees skyrocket-as much as 95 percent increase

By Noah Rivkin | Published: April 2011
As a result of the slumping American economy, schools across the country have been forced to make deep budget cuts and hike fees. South is no exception. South athletes will have to pay an increased fee in order to compete in next year’s sports seasons. High school athletics fees are slated to rise from $210 to $300 per sport with a $900 family cap. Some sports, like hockey, will also rise from $260 to $400 and football will see a 95 percent increase from $210 to $400.
Plagiarism is the easiest way to fail. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Opposing Viewpoints

By Ilana Sivachenko and Rutul Patel | Published: April 2011
The new ice cream in the cafeteria is...

Elementary school music update

By Daniel Barabasi | Published: April 2011
For the Music Department, recent cuts have hit hard, especially on the elementary school level. Fourth grade chorus and third grade recorder programs are being eliminated.

The King of Limbs, but nobody’s dancing

By Hattie Gawande | Published: April 2011
Radiohead is the band that every teenage alternative and/or indie rock fan theoretically adores.

The Fashion Files

By Helen Holmes | Published: April 2011
Rarely within the confines of the shiny, commercial, and deceptively safe bubble that surrounds the fashion industry does any sort of real controversy present itself.

Denebola presents: Tertulia in Pictures; A Spring Showcase

By Jason Agress | Published: April 2011

South teen Camille Brugnara breaks free from depression

By Rutul Patel | Published: April 2011
With the help of the Guidance Department head Shelly Borg and Goldrick Housemaster Henry Turner, South teen Camille Brugnara screened the film Breaking Free From Depression on April 5 2011 as a part of the Just Think Teens Making Smart Choices Expo.

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