March 2011 Issue

Student recounts February trip to Peru

By Sammie Levin | Published: March 2011
Along with 14 other South upperclassmen and Spanish teachers Viviana Planine and Marla Weiner,  I recently spent two and one-half weeks in Peru—or as some fondly call it, “Peraah”—on a language and community service trip. From February 16 through March 4, we toured the country, lived with Peruvian families, took Spanish classes, worked in local orphanages, suffered excruciating stomach pains, and (most importantly) dined on fine cuisine. It was an eye-opening ...

BBM Me: BlackBerries at South

By Justin Quinn | Published: March 2011
When senior Rebecca Shait received a BlackBerry for Chanukah, she cried. This outburst of joy was followed by a series of screams and subsequent phone calls to friends, who picked up their BlackBerries and shared the excitement.

Italian PM Berlusconi in another legal battle

By Peter Natov | Published: March 2011
Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has found himself in yet another legal battle. This time, Berlusconi faces an indictment for paying for sex with the underage Moroccan nightclub belly dancer Karima el Mahroug, also known as Ruby Rubacuori, or “Ruby the Heart-Stealer.” Reports of a sexual liaison between Berlusconi and Mahroug arose after she was arrested in May 2010 for theft. Berlusconi called the head of the Milan police department and pressed ...

Winter doldrums clinically classified as disorder

By Josh Nislick | Published: March 2011
As the color green becomes increasingly evident across Newton lawns, South students joyfully say farewell to a long, cold winter.

Faculty Focus: Jack Rossini

By Courtney Foster | Published: March 2011
Throughout the course of the past half century, students created dynamic artwork and belted harmonious numbers within South’s walls.

Protests, bloodshed, and hope in the Middle East

By Lizzie Odvarka | Published: March 2011
On December 17, 2010, a Tunisian street vendor named Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire in front of a government building to protest police corruption. He almost certainly had no idea what kind of effect his single act would have. The next day, unrest broke out in his country, with protesters demanding an end to corruption, one-party rule, and poor living and economic conditions.  The unrest crossed into neighboring Algeria ten ...

Basketball milestones passed in never-before-seen way

By Mike Berman | Published: March 2011
The Newton South Girls’ Varsity Basketball team has witnessed history with an “H” as seniors Sophie Bikofsky and Kendall Burton each reached the 1,000 point career milestone in the same season, and also in the same game. In that one night, the number of South girls to have reached that milestone doubled, from two to four.

Lions win DCL, go far in tournament

By Erik Manditch | Published: March 2011
The Newton South Girls’ Varsity Basketball team had a season rarely seen at any level in any sport. They did not just compile a good record, the Lions also achieved something they never have before: they won the Dual County League (DCL). Their overall record was 21-2, including a 19-0 start to the regular season, and a 16-0 record in the DCL.

Track team places at Nationals

By Joe Maher | Published: March 2011
From March 11 to March 13, South sent a total of nine athletes to the New Balance Indoor Nationals in New York. The track and field event brought top competitors from all over the country, among whom were South athletes.
The 83rd Annual Academy Award’s show was broadcasted on Sunday, February 27, drawing some 38 million viewers. Although the Academy’s production was obviously orchestrated to cater to a younger audience, especially with its hosts, it was tradition and history that won the statuettes, with The King’s Speech taking home Best Picture, Best Director for Tom Hooper, and Best Actor for Colin Firth. The King’s Speech, which is based on a true story, ...

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