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First lunch places last: lunch one a chaotic mess

By Jarrett Gorin
Published: March 2011

Ever since the semester started, first lunch has been uncomfortably overcrowded. When the lunch schedule changed, no one realized that the two most crowded areas of the school, the 2000’s and the 6000’s, would be eating at the same time.

Now, the first lunch line is comparable to a mob, lacking only pitchforks and burning torches.

The ensuing chaos causes some students to wait in line for the duration of lunch, forcing many to bring their lunches to class, while others choose not to eat at all because of lines.

To make matters worse, the entrance, a very small doorway, is nearly impossible to squeeze through, and it is anything but pleasant trying to navigate the various lunch counters beyond the doorway.

I’m not claustrophobic but sheer volume of people in the lunch line would likely scare King Kong, let alone hungry South students.

Two of my classes have swapped lunches to relieve crowding, yet the situation remains the same. Cancelled freshman classes take first lunch; adding at least fifty extra students to the first-lunch crowd every day.

The new policy mandating the first floor of the 6000s to take second or third lunch has yet to yield results.

The cafeteria staff have made efforts to clear the jam by moving the registers outside the doors. The tactic has allowed more space where no food exists, but doesn’t change the high concentration of students surrounding the counters.

Following the current lunch situation’s trajectory, I doubt anything will by fixed by the end of the year.

Nearing the end of the third term, there may not be enough time for a proper solution, which is unfortunate when students are forced to go without food and seek places to eat outside of the cafeteria.

The simple solution to the problem would be to rearrange the lunch schedule to reflect the traffic, which would eliminate the problems.

But seeing as there are no imminent solutions, there are only a few small things we can do to make life easier during our half-hour of culinary solace.

The first thing is frustratingly simple: pay with smaller bills. Students stand in line watching people pay with fifty dollar bills, which is ridiculous. Or, even better: put money in your lunch account!

Another solution, although it might be “retro,” would be to bring lunch from home.

Your parents would surely be happy to save at least $17, and if you still have that refrigerated Power Rangers lunchbox from third grade, you can eat a chilled lunch!

So, why complicate life when you don’t need to? Do your part to speed up the lunch lines and we’ll all be rewarded.

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