Basketball milestones passed in never-before-seen way

By Mike Berman
Published: March 2011

The Newton South Girls’ Varsity Basketball team has witnessed history with an “H” as seniors Sophie Bikofsky and Kendall Burton each reached the 1,000 point career milestone in the same season, and also in the same game. In that one night, the number of South girls to have reached that milestone doubled, from two to four.

“It is a tremendous achievement as a high school athlete,” Athletic Director Scott Perrin said. “It’s just remarkable and speaks volumes to the commitment that those two and their other teammates put into the sport of basketball.”

Since they are the only teammates to have ever reached this highly recognized achievement, they are not the only ones to be excited. “Well the whole team was yelling and screaming for them,” junior Chloe Jackson-Unger said. “After it set in we realized how big of an accomplishment it was for both of them and you could just tell how proud the coach and parents were of them.”

They achieved it within a minute of each other, with both assists coming from senior Chloe Rothman. “Without Chloe, I don’t think either would have made it to their 1,000th point,” Head Coach Sam Doner said. “To be honest, I think Chloe really dictates the whole game and I don’t really see players like her being very unselfish.”

The event marked the first time in South history that two teammates have reached the 1,000 point mark in a season, let alone a game. “It’s very important to the South basketball program, as it’s finally being recognized and respected out there in this state,” Doner said.

These achievements are only a small part of the success the players, and the team as a whole, have had the last two years. Their accomplishment is much more than an important statistic; it is a symbol of Bikofsky’s and Burton’s work ethic. “It represents how hard they worked and how much our team had accomplished,” junior Ana Horowitz said.

Having so much success on the court does not only affect the team that currently surrounds them, but the teams that are yet to come. “It’s big because it motivates the youth program. They look up to these girls and realize that they want to be a part of it now,” Doner said.

The hard work that needs to be put into being successful as an individual and as a team have always been connected, but Bikofsky’s and Burton’s dedication has greatly impacted the team as a whole. This year, the hard work that these two have put has made not only themselves better, but also the team around them because it motivated the rest of the team.

Playing at a high level with consistency shows the impressive work ethic these two have possessed over the four seasons here at South.

“They tried to work harder then everybody else; they were the first to come to practice and the last girls to leave the court. They have certainly exceeded my expectations in a lot of different ways,” Doner said. “They were a lot more mentally tough then I thought they would be and proved me wrong on a lot of different occasions.”

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