March 2011 Issue

Garber wins Nationals

By Robert Wang and Rutul Patel | Published: March 2011

Rethinking American Policy in the Middle East

By Dylan Royce | Published: March 2011
In October 2010, the US announced two billion dollars in military aid to Pakistan. This is only the latest in a long series of aid packages to the country, both military and humanitarian. America pours a huge amount of money not only into Pakistan, but into the entire Middle East. Discounting the enormous sums spent on combat and development in Iraq and Afghanistan (and lost to corruption there), the government spends ...
On Friday, March 11, an earthquake reportedly measuring 8.9 on the Richter scale hit Japan, triggering a massive tsunami.  Early that morning, 300 were predicted dead, but by the afternoon, the death count had risen into the thousands, and the magnitude of the earthquake was raised to 9.0.  A 0.1 increase on the Richter scale is actually an increase of about 30 percent because the scale is logarithmic.
We live in a world where it is becoming increasingly difficult to care about death. Our brains have become so saturated with news of bloody crackdowns in Libya, bombings in Afghanistan, and nuclear threats from Iran and North Korea, that we are no longer moved by extreme violence or widespread death.

Fire hits Chestnut Hill; South provides refuge

By Astha Agarwal | Published: March 2011
February 18 began like any other day for freshman Deyar Dashti, who left her Chestnut Hill Towers apartment for school that morning.

Wisconsin union struggle and Newton budget parallels

By Denebola | Published: March 2011
In past several months public sector unions have suffered attacks by the state governments of Ohio, Indiana and most notably, Wisconsin. The Wisconsin governor recently succeeded in a bill stripping collective bargaining rights from most public workers. Tens of thousands of protestors responded by flooding the lawn and cramming the halls of the Wisconsin State Capitol. Democratic senators walked out and remained in Illinois so as to create a legislative stalemate ...

Recession hits Newton Center businesses long and hard

By Denebola | Published: March 2011
Recessions hit hard. Every couple decades when the economy takes a swan dive, casualties are seen everywhere. Due the economic downturn in recent months, small businesses such as the Pie Bakery, the Starbucks on the Centre T Station, Tess and Carlos, and the Cold Stone Creamery have been forced to board up their windows and close their doors for good. Although these stores went out of business, new stores step in to ...

View from the Top: Jeff Hurray, Colby Medoff, Adam Sachs, and Maarten van Genabeek

By Jeff Hurray, Colby Medoff, Adam Sachs and Maarten Van-Genabeek | Published: March 2011
Underclassmen: We feel the best way to give you advice on your journey through South is to share a recent diary entry of ours. Dear Diary, Haa y’dah? It’s been a long time since we last talked. The past week sure was action packed. There was so much action! To our knowledge, it has been a South senior pastime to act out Lord of the Rings scenes. So, we were reenacting the siege ...

Denebola editors oppose the proposed student activities

By Denebola | Published: March 2011
As part of the plan to mitigate the effects of the FY12 budget cuts, the Superintendent is proposing a $125 student activities fee.

First lunch places last: lunch one a chaotic mess

By Jarrett Gorin | Published: March 2011
Ever since the semester started, first lunch has been uncomfortably overcrowded. When the lunch schedule changed, no one realized that the two most crowded areas of the school, the 2000’s and the 6000’s, would be eating at the same time.

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