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Tonight’s gonna be a good, good night

By Denebola
Published: February 2011

By Rachel Knight,
Volume 32
March 19, 1993

It’s Saturday night. There’s a huge party that you’ve been looking forward to all day. You shower, you get ready to go, and then head downstairs and out the door. But something stands between you and the door, something that is separating you from a night with your friends, a night of fun and adventure: your parents.
Every weekend all over America, teenagers go to parties. Some aren’t allowed to go to parties where there will be drinking, drugs, and no parental supervision. Yet, there they are, partying just as hard as the next person. And all of this is usually facilitated by lying to parents.
At South, about a third of those people interviewed confessed to lying to their parents. The rest said that their parents let them do whatever they want, as long as they are honest about where they are going. However, whether they lie or not, most students insisted on being quoted anonymously (parents, after all, read Denebola).
One common method of weekend deceit is “I’m going to sleep over at a friends house.”
“When I’m going out with my boyfriend I tell my parents we are going to the movies and then we just go back to his house,” senior Lori Coburn said.
“I tell my mom I am going to my dad’s house,” one male junior said.
One inventive Ferris Beuller’s Day Off- ish deception was created by senior Jeremy Franklin-Ross. “In junior high, I used my computer to sample breathing and snoring noises. I made this ten minute long and played it over and over on my computer. Then I put a couple of pillows under the blanket and went out for the night, “Franklin-Ross said.
For the people that are having the parties, lying is sometimes more difficult. “When my parents go out, I don’t plan to have a party, I just invite a few kids over. Then it will get out o hand because Newton is such a gossip city,” senior David Temkin said. “All of the sudden, there will be 40 to 50 kids at my house. When my parents come home and find out, I get no car for the week.”
Despite the large number of teenagers who do lie to their parents, just as many are truthful about their weekend plans. These students have found that if their parents trust them and their judgment, they will be allowed to go to most parties. “My parents let me go anywhere I want because they know I’m a good kid, and I’m too afraid to do anything too wild,” a female sophomore said.
Many students don’t even bother making up lies.
“I just tell my mom that I am going out to get drunk and she just accepts that,” a male senior said.
“I am really honest with my parents because if I lied to them they would never trust me again, sophomore Laurie Chan said. “They are pretty lenient with me because they trust me. Why would I throw that away?”
“If there is no communication then it means that there is something going on in the parent-child relationship,” English teacher Francis Moyer said. “Kids need to trust their parents.”

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