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Teachers protest through ‘work to rule’, students suffer

By Denebola
Published: February 2011

By Naomi Sacks,
Volume 17,
November 2, 1977

The teachers’ policy of work to rule has been in effect for over a month now. Random representatives of the student population were interviewed to find out student reactions.
Most students are familiar with the policy of work to rule.
When asked whether they supported the teachers, the typical answer was, “I can see their point, but I disagree with their methods.”
As one student put it, “It’s not the students themselves that are really to blame, it’s the school committee, and work to rule is only harming the students.”
Students were asked if work to rule was affecting them and if so, how. The common answer was yes, because club events were being cancelled and the library was closing early.
Seniors interviewed strongly objected to the teachers not writing college recommendations. The seniors felt that this policy singled them out from the general school population for punishment. Many seniors felt that not writing recommendations might affect the rest of a student’s life.
Most students felt that work to rule was not affecting the school committee very much.
As one student stated, “If the teachers keep it up the school committee will have to resolve the problem. Otherwise, in the upcoming election the public might see that the incumbents are not doing a good job in solving school problems and with elections coming up…”
Students were lastly asked if they thought the teachers had any better alternatives. Several students, expressed a desire for the teachers to strike even though the students were aware that it would be illegal. These students thought that if the teachers went on strike, the public would have to take notice of them and the problem would be solved in a week.

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