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South stands firm on nuclear disarmament

By Denebola
Published: February 2011

By Mike Boches,
Volume 21
May 26, 1982

On June 12, Newton South students will join over a million people in New York City in a rally for nuclear disarmament. People will be coming from near and far to participate in what is expected to be the largest demonstration in history.
It will be held during the United Nation’s Second Special Session devoted to Disarmament, at the United Nations Headquarters in Manhattan. The Newton Board of Aldermen recently declared June 12 “rally at the UN day.” They encourage Newton citizens to lend support to the disarmament movement.
In 1978, due to the demands of non-nuclear nations, the United Nations held the First Special Session devoted to Disarmament. This meeting accomplished three things: it drew international attention to the question of disarmament, it created Ad Hoc committees to pursue a comprehensive disarmament program, and it called for a second special session in order to follow up the activities of the first.
The second session is expected to further international recognition of disarmament, analyze the progress of the Ad Hoc committees, and attempt to draft a concrete resolution regarding disarmament.
The goals of the rally are as diverse as those who attend it. In Newton, reasons for wanting to go to the rally are varied.
Becca Levy, co-chairman of Newton South’s chapter of S.T.O.P. (Student, Teacher Organization for the Prevention of Nuclear War) would like to “show the people who are running this country that I don’t want to be blown up.”
“I don’t believe in spending that much money on nuclear arms when we have so many problems at home,” says junior Wendy Bookstein, hoping to attend the rally.
Betsy Subrin, co-ordinator of Newton North’s delegation to New York, hopes the rally will “make students aware that it is their war.” A student at Beaver Country Day School thinks “it will make the delegates more conscious of the growing world concern about nuclear war.”
One South student wants simply to “express my growing apprehension about the growing problems with nuclear arms.”

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