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South celebrates the arts with Tertulia

Posted By Denebola On February 15, 2011 @ 4:35 am In 50th Edition,Lifestyle | Comments Disabled

Since 2000, Tertulia has been a yearly and highly anticipated event in the spring, taking the place of the annual May festival in previous years. Denebola had the chance to interview Tertulia Advisor,

What exactly is Tertulia?

Tertulia means “a gathering of the performing arts.” The Tertulia was designed to create a school tradition that would be an annual and ongoing vehicle for the appreciation of the arts.
The Tertulia takes place one day each spring at Newton South, and since its inception, has increasingly evolved as a showcase for the many talents of Newton South students.

How did Tertulia start?

It was conceived in memory of Maxine Celeste Chansky, a Newton South student, and in celebration of her joyful spirit, delight in the arts, and love of cultural diversity.

When did Tertulia start, and has it been running every year after that?

It started in the Spring of 2000 and it has been running every year since then.

In what ways it Tertulia important to the community at Newton South?

It is a day of celebration of the arts and of the many talents of this community.
It is a day in which our school pauses, listens, and rejoices in hearing so many beautiful voices that form our community. It is a moment that we share, and is a tradition that we create together.

Have there been any memorable acts in the past few years?

Many. Every year is really great, and to me they are all memorable.

Do you have any personal favorite acts in the show?

I have many. I like the dance pieces a lot, Maxine was a dancer and dancers often don’t have the same opportunity to perform.
The best part for me is to “ discover” a talent in someone that I wouldn’t have expected. I love to see the passion, the energy, the beauty that our students can create on stage and offer to our community.

Are there any teachers that preform in the show consistently?

Mr. Jampol has been in every Tertulia, other teachers have performed in the past. Mr. Jampol has always created a performance with students. Ms. Popp has also performed with students.

How do students enjoy the show, and how has it changed over the years?

One student told me that Tertulia is the best school day. Tertulia has grown, there are  many performers and club members that help with the production of this day. I feel that there is a lot of support for Tertulia and it is a community day.
Many people want to participate and help and they do  in  so many different  ways. I feel very fortunate to have met Maxine. I am still sad when I am thinking that she has gone but I am glad  that she left Tertulia behind.

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