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South addresses drugs through symposium

By Denebola
Published: February 2011

Classes were cancelled for two days at South to examine the problem of drugs, in hope of giving greater insight and knowledge to both students and parents concerning drug use.

By Marvin Swartz, Volume 7
February 14, 1968

Despite the Drug Committee’s deliberateness, the Drug Symposium was not a symposium. It was a slick one way moral-legal bombasting.
It resembled the school lunch package program, in this case where the committee wrote away to Washington and were sent a neatly dressed narco-agent with a prepared speech. To round out the program, they tossed in an incredibly slick radio interview which just might bring back radio soap operas.
The tragedy of the Symposium was not that there was not enough time to refute the narco’s inaccurate statements, nor was it the hypocrisy by which the school pretends to be liberal. Rather, the tragedy was enacted by the parents during their program.
Dr. Charles E. Brown commented before the parents’ program that the attendance was a genuine response to the drug problem.
Ironically, the parents got bored by discussion of the legality of the law and pro-pot arguments. They had come to hear their convictions reinforced.
Reflecting their unrest, a Newton parents ran up to the microphone and said, “we didn’t come here to hear about he legality of the law, we came to find out what to do when our kid comes home with marijuana in his pockets.”
He didn’t want to know the emotional reasons for drug abuses; he wanted to know how to catch his kid. There is a remarkable corollary between this parent’s desire to catch the kid rather than understand him and a recent story to come out of a mid-western university.
A freshman away from home for the first time was lonely and depressed. He was offered pot and took it to relieve his depression. Still depressed he relayed the story to his parents. They wrote to the dean of the university to have him disciplined.
The tragedy is generations feeling they must play cops and robbers destroyed the lonely boy who smoked a reefer.

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