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Senior student heads off to war

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By Sam Lanckton,
Volume 30
February 14, 1991

As Newton South students learn more about the horrors of war, concerns about a mandatory draft begin to lurk in the minds of many. One Newton senior, however, doesn’t have to worry about the draft.
In December, John Freedland enlisted in the army. E will be a paratrooper. He will learn how to jump out of a plane. He will learn how to maneuver in the desert. He will learn how to kill. His skills will serve him well. Odds are Freedland will be going to Saudi Arabia in four and a half months.
Soldiers are often thought to be vicious people, bloodthirsty. Freedland wished to make very clear that he was not joining the Army to e some sort of vigilante.
“I don’t want to kill anybody,” Freedland said. “Tough I suppose I’ll probably have to, seeing as they’re going to try to kill me…I don’t want anybody thinking I’m a psycho or something.”
Freedland did not enlist because of the events of the past six months. He made up his mind to join the army before Saddam Hussein’s name was burned in our national consciousness. He decided to enlist at the end of junior year, feeling he didn’t want to go to college just yet.
“I didn’t really feel ready for college, so I figure I’d join up to see what the army was like. I’ll serve for two years…and after that I can re-up (re-enlist) if I want to.”
Freedland will indeed go to college, however, and unlike most South graduates he will be financing his college education himself. Seventy-five percent of his tuition will be picked up by the GI Bill. This was one of the reasons Freedland joined. He didn’t want his parents to have to supply the funds for college.
His father served in the Army when our country was embroiled in the Vietnam War. Mr. Freedland was stationed in Germany between 1967 and 1969, a member of the 8th Mechanized Infantry, Freedland’s service in the Army did not, however, affect his son’s decision to join.
“It was entirely my idea,” Freedland said. “Once I made up my mind, my father was very supportive, going with me to the recruitment office, but it was my idea.”
Freedland is no warmonger. He sees the military not primarily as a war machine but as a deterrent from fighting wars, and incentive to solve problems peacefully. While he made clear that he supports the troops completely, and that, as it is his dutym he supports the war as well., he still wishes that this problem and all problems could “just be solved peacefully.”

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