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Right on Corner: Black is a concept

By Denebola
Published: February 2011

By Tony Leonard,
Volume 10
November 10, 1970

There has recently been a conflict between black and white students at Newton High School. However this conflict has since died down but not completely. It has become more or less an Armistice, where as one more incident could very well be called the catalyst that would cause an explosion and shake the Newton School system causing almost complete chaos.
On the other hand Newton South High has remained in some what of a neutral corner. But I seem to feel a strong sense of unexpressed hostility hovering quietly over me in the faces of most of the white students. To make this clear to myself, I purchased a black fist and wore it to school.
The reaction I got was that of a king who was afraid of being dethroned, so consequently he shunned that obstacle, and hid within himself so as not to be confronted with it anymore. People may be afraid to face me.
This is, in a way, a strong “psychological hang-up”. Because the white students have shown that they are not mature enough to realize that your average everyday Newton Negro is a lot different from a Black person put in Newton.
I think it has to be understood that Black is not just a term; it’s a concept. Although Negro means black in the dictionary sense of the word, black does not mean Negro!

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