50th Edition, Global Education

Our role in world affairs

By Denebola
Published: February 2011

By Denebola Staff,
Volume 3
March 12, 1963

One of the increasing concerns of the United States is our relations with other countries. Modern transportation and the Cold War have made us become aware of the necessity of learning to understand other peoples, their cultures and traditions, and similarities and differences. High schools across the country, realizing this need, are fostering numerous programs to further understanding and friendship between individuals of different nationalities.
Newton South is an excellent example of a high school’s role in international affairs. We participate in programs such as the American Field Service (AFS), the sponsoring of an International Relations Club, the hosting of numerous foreign educators, aid in starting a school in Nigeria, and faculty exchanges.
The AFS program includes sending students abroad, sponsoring students who come here, and hosting students who stay in nearby communities for weekend events. Currently, from Newton South, Ruth Ann Bliss is living with a family in Italy and Yvonne Baginsky is studying in Brazil.
Attending school here are Teresita Porzecanski from Uruguay and Andrew Wezeye from Uganda.
In order to raise enough money to continue this excellent program, the AFS Club sells “Shares in World Friendship” at 50 cents each. (Contributions can still be made through your AFS homeroom representative. Do not forget to purchase your shares!)
The International Club sponsors seminars with guest speakers to discuss various areas of the world and their problems. Last year, seminars were presented on the Middle East and Latin America. We are looking forward to further programs this year. The club also attends two model UN’s.
This year, visiting foreign educators have come to observe Newton South High School as a prime example of a US high school. They have been from such countries as Nigeria, India, Peru, Singapore, Pakistan, Australia, Indonesia, the Netherlands, Italy, Norway, and Ghana, among others. We also have an exchange teacher from England here for the year.
There is, of course, a great deal more depth to these programs, and a large number of students do participate in them. We must not forget the important contribution we each can make, the experience and insight that we can gain, through participation in and support of these must vital organizations.

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