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Newton divided; students split

By Denebola
Published: February 2011

By Carol Levi
The Newtonite, May 1960

How can we keep Newton united while we divide the high school? Now is the time to act! Parents, teachers, students, and all our citizens are faced with the challenge to work together to keep Newton High School one in spirit.
June 1960 is he last time that the students from the entire city will graduate as one class. A great deal of thought, planning, and money has gone into the establishment of Newton South High School to make it an effective place to study and learn.
Hopefully, with two smaller schools the ratio of students to teachers will be reduced and the pupils will profit from closer relationships than are now possible. Also, twice as many students will get a chance to hold influential positions in the schools.
On the other side of the coin, however, is the old saying “united we stand, divided we fall.” A complete split in the schools may tend to give the students alliances to a section rather than a city.
The question remains how to avoid the potential problems resulting from division of the high school. Two suggestions occur to me.
First, the division should be gradual. There should be only one yearbook, only one graduation; there should be combined extra-curricular activities for at least the nex two years. This would give students who thus far have had a united class a chance to maintain contacts with friends regardless of where they live.
One yearbook is important as a record of our common interests.
One graduation is important as a symbol of our common achievements. These are class functions which should be maintained.
On the other hand, a newspaper is an activity which reflects the individuality of the school. Therefore, separate newspapers should be established immediately.
Exchange columns can be used to bind the two schools together, but the news features should be those stories of concern to the particular school.
By accentuating common class loyalties and at the same time encouraging individual school support, Newton can enjoy the advantages of two smaller high schools with a common spirit.
Second, in the near future, an all-Newton community centre should be built where students from the whole city can gather to share common activities. This the original end in view when Tigerama was inaugurated.
Common class functions and a community center can help to keep Newton united. The challenged lies here!

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