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Male: feminism tramples mens’ rights

By Denebola
Published: February 2011

By Andy Kirshenbaum,
Volume 37
March 21, 1997

There are a lot of smart women in our world who are of equal or superior intelligence to men. The Feminist movement in American has shown exactly how much influence women really have in today’s society. Everyone, however sexist they may be, must admit that women are as intelligent as men. But the situation was not always this stable and, until recently, women were not viewed as equals to men.
Women fought in the 1960s for equal rights and their efforts reaped many rewards. A great deal of progress was made through protests, marches and other methods, and these women helped to ensure a more fair world with more opportunities for the women of today. I strongly support the Women’s movement and its ideas and in no way want to criticize the integrity of the movement. However, I feel that the granting of more rights to women has come at an unnecessary cost to men.
In a recent study of middle school and high school students, girls were found to linger behind boys in math and science because males inherently have a more aggressive nature than females. In addition, the study also revealed that males tend to fall behind females in English and writing.
The responses to this study in newspapers have completely focused on the deficiencies of girls, while ignoring the problems of males. Even though the problems of both sexes have been documented, society’s concerns have only focused on females, suggesting America’s failure in truly trying to balance the equality of the sexes.
We stress the importance of offering girls the same opportunities that we offer boys, encouraging them to play sports and strive for positions of power. However, if a boy participates in activities considered to be female activities, such a dancing, cooking and playing with Barbie dolls, he is automatically labeled a “sissy.”
The same men and women who fought valiantly for equality in the sixties and seventies are now promoting sexist beliefs on what is socially acceptable according to gender.
As we continue to fight for women’s rights, we must now begin to fight for the rights of men as well.

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