50th Edition, News

Just war polemics

By Denebola
Published: February 2011

By Marvin Swartz, Volume 7
April 3, 1968

The bomber screams cutting close to the village.The pilot goes
down low and the Earth is a mud puddle but children aren’t
making mud pies and pretending that dirt and water really
make pies.
So he drops his package up high where he can’t see who must
pay for delivery and doesn’t have to think about it.
The warm other must.
For as the sirens wail she scurries to get her children in fox
But what will happen on the day when one is missing and she
frantically searches the now empty childless street, saying
“no!” to the tears and to the panic and to reality.
The one missing is three and has wandered off to be a three
year old and is outside the village near the bridge where at
night he hears trucks pass.
And he looks above the trees bordering the patties and sees the
plane, toylike.
And he doesn’t know.
He smiles and giggles, waving a light brown pudgy hand at the
The toy drops a package and the child laughs.
But even at three the reality of toys not being toys is

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