50th Edition, Sports

Half-century of athletic history revived through Hall of Fame

By Jason Yoffe
Published: February 2011

By Jason Yoffe, Volume 49
December 23, 2009

“Stick to the ground! Passing has ruined the game,” former South Football and Wrestling Coach Art Kojoyian, a devoted supporter of running the football, shouted to the crowd. An uproarious laughter followed his bold statement.
Kongie, as he was called by his former wrestlers and football players, had once again evoked the same pleasure he had during his 18-year tenure at the school.
His acceptance speech was completely in character, reminding those who played for him why he was one of the greatest coaches in South history.
Kojoyian was one of four former South coaches who was honored on November 27 as part of the first inaugural class of the new Hall of Fame. The class also included six former South athletes.
“All of the people we picked were more than deserving,” Athletic Director Scott Perrin said.
According to head of the Booster Club Jon Frieze, 50 years of South’s athletic programs have produced a large group of Hall-worthy alumni.
“There have been a lot of deserving people,” he said.
Perrin and the other members of the Hall of Fame Committee will primarily focus on three-sport athletes, with multiple All-American honors.
“What some athletes today don’t realize is that playing multiple sports makes them a better athlete,” Perrin said.
Athletes become induction-eligible five years after graduating.
Perrin did say that student-inductees do not have to be captains to join the Hall of Fame.
The athletic department joined the Booster Club to organize the Hall of Fame, which they held at the Newton Marriot.
The Village Bank contributed to the efforts with a sizeable donation to the Booster Club.
Despite being the eve following Thanksgiving, the crowd almost doubled from the estimated 80 people to 160 attendees.
“It was so successful,” Frieze said of the turnout. “I wouldn’t be surprised if [the Hall of Fame] was every year now.”
Perrin and the Committee expect to convene over the winter to decide plans for the Hall of Fame in future years.
The inductees of the Class of 2009 were dominated by gridiron stars. Four of the six athletes, and half of the coaches were a part of high school’s most revered sport, football.
Leading this group was Seth Hauben, a graduate in 2001. “Seth was one of the best athletes to ever come out of here,” Perrin said.
Playing basketball and lacrosse in addition to football, Hauben received nine varsity letters and seven Dual County League (DCL) All-Star nominations.
The accolades extended to a national level. Hauben was a basketball phenomenon, a McDonald’s All-American, a member of The Boston Globe’s Super Team, and a member of The Boston Herald’s Dream Team during his senior year.

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