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Global education: a look into the future

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By Laura Haime,
Volume 50
Febuary 15, 2011

The highly international student body and staff at South encourage global awareness amongst the school. Over the years, principals have displayed their determination to expand the boundaries of the school, creating opportunities for students to learn outside of the building’s walls. Joel Stembridge, the current principal, has a vision for the future of global education.
“We already provide great programs,” Stembridge said, “and my goal is to maintain, develop, and foster these programs.”
Since Stembridge joined the community in the fall of 2009, school-organized trips have taken students to several countries like Peru and China. As he continues to work with the staff in providing opportunities for the students, Stembridge hopes to create guidelines for global programs; the “Newton South High School way,” he said.
Tired of seeing only certain students benefit from the global programs, Stembridge seeks ways to include all students in the experience. “I want to develop ways to bring back learnings of how things work elsewhere,” Stembridge said “so that students can learn from the programs whether they are there, or here.”
Stembridge envisions the potential that exist within the foreign exchange programs at South. “We can’t have everyone go to Peru, but we can have Peru come to us,” Stembridge said.
His plans include presentations and activities on students’ experiences in other countries that could be accessible to any classroom.“I want to see us build exchanges into lesson plans,” he said.
As he explores ways for students to share their experiences with the schools, Stembridge also considers the possibility of using twenty first century technology. Skype, for example, would allow students who were unable to participate in trips to benefit from the relationship Newton South has with international schools.
Although our school already offers many exchange programs, Stembridge shows determination to take full advantage of the global education at the school. He has an open mind for suggestions, and high hopes for success.

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