50th Edition, Denebola

“Give it to me, yeah; No one’s gonna show me how”

By Denebola
Published: February 2011

It was a dark and stormy night. As we prepared for bed, we tried to forget about how long we had waited for this evening and the news it would bring. But this proved impossible as we heard car doors slam followed by the sound of a doorbell.
Our hearts stopped and we opened the door to find our outgoing senior editors’ smiling faces greeting us with an expertly constructed paper crown (one of which had a Madonna photo; 3 guesses whose…) with cheerful bubble letters indicating our future position: “Editor-in-Chief”.
And now we come to the part of our tale where our experiences diverge.
As Leigh was confronted with the ominous bubble letters, signifying an even more ominous position, she couldn’t believe her eyes and was – of course – overjoyed. But, at the same time, completely terrified, unable to fathom how she would handle the enormous responsibility.
Justin always believed he could do it. Yet as the doorbell rang, his overt confidence was questioned, but ultimately confirmed. He knew it would not be easy, but he was ready for the challenge.
Upon hearing the news, we called each other immediately in excitement. Not only did we just hear about our new positions, but in about three hours we would be on a plane headed for Nicaragua. Unfortunately, the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Our trip was postponed yet that failed to damper the excitement we felt.
Sitting here, we are quite experienced in talking about our time on , thanks to the copious number of college interviews we have endured. But there are some things that we have left unsaid.
First of all, there is no question that for every minute a student spends reading our paper, we spend hours interviewing, writing, editing, and laying the pages. But if we let that bother us, we’d be missing the point. We have gotten as much, if not more, from making Denebola as the South community gets from reading it. Denebola has been an integral part of South for the past 50 years, and we are proud to continue the tradition.
Being Editors-in-Chief involves so much more than simply writing and editing. Never have we understood how differently other people think and view the world. Never have we understood how difficult it is to keep track of 60+ high school students, hear their concerns, and take into account their perspectives and ideas.
Overseeing the paper has forced us to put our needs second. Not only by sacrificing countless hours of sleep, but also by integrating the voices of our contributors, editors, and ideally those of every student in the school into the paper.
When leaders say they could never do it without their staff, those who helped them along the way, it sounds cliché. And yet this farewell letter feels incomplete without thanking the many hardworking, creative, and determined members of our staff who have put in as many hours as we have to make our volume, Denebola, and especially the 50th Edition, what they are. There is no feeling like the one we get when an editor shows us a flawlessly completed section, especially a couple days ahead of time.
And there are those who solved the problems that we could not. From midnight phone calls regarding picture formats, to tearful panic attacks about lost files, we owe our lives to those who cared enough to help in moments of desperation.
Now, our time as Editors-in-Chief of Volume 50 is winding down to make way for Volume 51. While we certainly won’t miss the late nights and last-minute issues, we will miss the community Denebola has provided us and so many other students. Just as Denebola will always be strongly linked with South, we will always be strongly linked with Denebola.
So many talented people have been a part of our newspaper and we are honored to join this history as we watch Denebola continue to excel. Every moment has been worth it and we’ve immensely enjoyed sharing them together with the South community.

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