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Engarde! Swords clash at South

By Denebola
Published: February 2011

By Denebola Staff, Volume 2
October 23, 1962

A new sport for NSHS has recently gotten under way. Fencing is now offered to both boys and girls, under the instruction of Miss Barbara Hall.
In “foil” the legs are held together with feet at right angles in the “attention” position. Next comes “engrade” when the feet maintain their 90 stance, the legs spread apart while a sideway, bending stauch is held as the right arm proceeds to contract in true weight-lifting fashion. In this case, the arm is used for balance. The “engarde” position is maintained throughout the entire match except for the lunge, which scores points. It occurs when the tip of the sabre bends against and opponent’s body.
Naomi Corman and Sandy Gay, co-captains, help the Tuesay practice sesson while girl’s gym instructor, Miss Barbara Hall, leads the group during a 2.5 hour period.
Miss Hall is well practiced in fencing having won the New England Women’s Fencing Championship in 1960. The former champ stressed the sport in likeness with boxing, where each participant endeavors to out-think his opponent. It is a psychological, intellectual sport requiring not brawn, but brains; thus, it is specifically suited for a co-educational basis.
Matches with other secondary schools are difficult to schedule because very few public high schools offer fencing in the eastern part of the nation. Last year’s sole match was won by the Cambridge School of Weston.
A moderate turnout on October 9 showed a total of 15 girls and 12 boys.

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