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Denebola is born

By Denebola
Published: February 2011

By Jane Hogan
The Newtonite, 1960

For thirty-nine years The Newtonite has more than adequately fulfilled the purpose of a school newspaper – to inform the student body and to serve as a clearing house for ideas and opinions. Now we have two high schools on opposite sides of the city. The Newtonite can no longer serve both schools and, at the same time, fulfill its purpose.
During the past year The Newtonite has been the liaison between Newton High and Newton South. But the high schools each have separate administrations, extra-curricular activities, atheletic teams, student government, and yearbooks, so separate newspapers logically follow. In September Newton South will have its own newspaper.
The establishment of a newspaper at Newton South is not dividing the high schools for they are two independent schools now. As when a cell is halved by mitosis, each newly formed cell is independent; when the student body of Newton High was divided to form Newton South, Newton South became an independent school.
Pertinent, timely news for Newton South students is important. By the establishment of a newspaper, this need can be more effectively accomplished. It also provides would-be journalists with a chance to develop their talents. Presently only 35 students are able to serve on The Newtonite staff. Two newspapers will provide twice as many positions for interested students.
In choosing a name for the new paper, it seems only fitting that the name pertain to the lion, the school mascot. The name of the paper comes from the start which forms the lion’s tail in the constellation, Leo. From this forward, the Newton South High paper will be known as:
The Lion’s Tale
May Denebola, like the star whose name it bears, shine brightly in the years to come.

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