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Back in the day…

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We talked to Jim Marks, class of ‘79 and parent of one current and one former South student, to find out what the social scene was like when he was at South.

What were popular hangout spots in the school?

Goodwin House commons was where popular kids hung out; [the] jock corner, which was at the end of the Goodwin office hallway, was for the more “tough guys.”
People who smoked cigarettes hung out in the breezeway and people who smoked pot hung out at the “rock” which is now behind Goldrick. And a lot of people would play cards in Cutler commons.

What were popular hangout spots around town?

A lot of my friends would go to Tahiti Chinese food restaurant in Dedham, Friendly’s and the Cape Cod ice cream place in the Chestnut Hill Mall.
Newton Centre definitely was a hang out place but I didn’t hang out there. We also took the T a lot to Harvard Square and Newbury Street.

What was the average weekend like? What were popular activities to do?

At night people would hang out in the South parking lot in front of the breezeway. People would gather there in their cars to see what was going on. Primarily seniors and some junior because they could drive, but sophomores and seniors went out a lot so most people had access to cars.
A lot of my friends sophomore year had senior boyfriends so one guy would drive a lot of girls and we all went out together.
People wouldn’t do anything illegal there at the parking lot; they would just go to find out where a party was then they would leave.
Parties were at people’s houses when their parents went away. And they weren’t like parties today with 20 people. If there was a party, everyone was there. People wouldn’t always go in, sometimes they would just park their car at the house and hang out. I also went to the drive in movies, which was where Home Depot is now.

Was there school spirit?

Not really. There were cheerleaders and they were popular, and the football players were popular, too, but there wasn’t much spirit.

Were there a lot of cliques?

South was more homogeneous, so there weren’t that many different cliques. It was more traditional high school cliques like “jocks, rich kids, intellectuals.”

How did South’s social scene compare to North’s?

The feeling I got was North was more grittier, tougher, cooler, and they had more parties.

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